Administrative Professionals Day Feature

Say Thanks on Administrative Professionals’ Day

Behind every successful business, there is a team of administrative professionals who keep the office operating on all cylinders. Their daily contributions to the workplace often extend the reaches of their all-encompassing job titles and assumed responsibilities. Whether behind-the-scenes or in a public-facing role, administrative assistants (secretaries, assistants, office managers, etc.) are often the glue that holds the entire office together. read more

10 Flower-Inspired Novels to Add to Your Reading List

Whether you enjoy browsing the new releases or lean more towards timeless classics, you can agree that sitting down with a new book is an exciting experience. Are you a fan of gripping tales and pretty flowers? Combine a few of your favorite things by reading a book tied to one of nature’s many works of art. read more

50 Easter Brunch Ideas and Recipes

This year, gather your loved ones to celebrate Easter with a delicious brunch in a fun and festive setting. A day to celebrate new life, this holiday is perfect for bouquets of lilies, colorful egg hunts and quality time with friends and family.
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love words

70 Love Words and Messages to Show You Care

According to recent studies, romance novels were considered the top grossing book genre with over $1.44 billion in sales in 2016. From romantic poems to lengthy love letters, expressing your feelings through the written word is a time-honored tradition. But don’t worry, you don’t need to aim for a high word count to effectively tell someone how you feel. read more

50 Flower Quotes and Puns to Make Your Loved One Smile

Flowers are a very popular way to express one’s love and affection, which is why they play an important role in Valentine’s Day gifting. Red roses, orchids and myrtle flowers are some of the best gifts to give on Valentine’s Day because they represent love and romance. So, to stand out from the rest, why not accompany your flowers with a flower quote or pun? Flower quotes and puns are a fun and unique way to show your Valentine just how much you care, without breaking the bank.

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What to Write in a Birthday Card: 48 Birthday Messages and Wishes

For some, it may come easily, but for others, finding what to write in a birthday card can be hard. Birthdays mark an important milestone in someone’s life. They have made it to another year and that deserves some sort of recognition. Whether you are sending a card with nice flowers or a thoughtful gift, finding the right words to say will make them feel loved on their special day.

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