Virtual Friendsgiving

How to Host the Perfect Virtual Friendsgiving

Over the past decade, Friendsgiving has become a beloved tradition for many, an opportunity to celebrate the season with local friends. And while the pandemic means in-person parties might be off the table, that doesn’t mean Friendsgiving is canceled. In fact, we probably need it more than ever. With a bit of planning, it is simple to transition your celebration to a virtual one (and a bright spot in 2020).  read more

Shared Thanksgiving Centerpiece for a Virtual Celebration

Feel Closer During Virtual Celebrations with a Shared Centerpiece

While the meal on Thanksgiving may feel like the main event, if you really think about it, your dining room table is center stage. It’s what you gather around with your loved ones; the space where you all come together to give thanks. And while many of our Thanksgivings (and other holiday festivities, like Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s) will be shifting to virtual celebrations, we can still create that feeling of a shared table from afar—by sending guests matching centerpieces for the celebration. read more

Holiday Flowers on the Dining Room Table

Here’s Why Flowers are the Perfect Holiday Gift in 2020

Nothing feels quite as good during the holidays as finding the perfect gift for someone you love. With everything going on this year, though—from canceled travel plans to work from home (while homeschooling kids!)—it might feel like one more item on an ever-growing to-do list. But we can still capture that joy of giving. And it is easier (and more meaningful) than you think: Send flowers. read more

picture of a holiday dining set and ornaments with a tree in the background

Home for the Holidays — How to Host a Socially-Distanced Celebration

We all know that once we hit October, we’re officially in the thick of the holiday season. In the past, we would have had our plane tickets at the ready and traveled to our favorite destination, searched the web for the perfect gift, and lounged in a room filled with at least 20 relatives all sleepy and stuffed from a huge meal. But a lot has changed in the short span of a year.
read more

two girls in halloween costumes

How to Throw a Hallowine Get-Together + Printable Spooky Wine Pairing Cards

Due to COVID-19, Halloween may look a little different for everyone this year. If you’re stuck coming up with alternative Halloween party ideas, why not throw a wine tasting gathering with your closest girlfriends? Better yet, trick or treat yourself to a Hallowine get-together! A gathering like this is a great opportunity to gossip over some wine, because let’s face it — this year hasn’t been easy.  read more

grandmother with two kids in costumes playing with a pumpkin on Halloween

13 Trick-or-Treat Alternatives To Get Your Spook On

Halloween starts off the holiday season and is the perfect chance to have a great time with friends and family. However, like many other occasions this year, Covid-19 will unfortunately affect how we celebrate this event. If you live in a county with high risk levels, you may not want your children walking from door to door or trick-or-treating may even be prohibited.

But there’s no need to lose hope! If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that we can always find new ways to turn canceled plans into something positive. In that spirit, we’ve collected some of the most wicked ways to celebrate Halloween without leaving your home! read more

stylish pumpkins on wooden board with white brick wall as background

How To Host a Halloween Piñata Party That’ll Lift Your Spirits

COVID-19 has impacted our lives all year so far and will certainly leave its mark on how we celebrate Halloween in 2020. If you don’t feel comfortable having your kids trick-or-treat, your county is on the watch list for the coronavirus or you live in a rural community with few neighbors who give out candy, consider throwing a fun party for your family and friends at home!

There are plenty of fun and safe alternatives to roaming the streets, knocking on doors and asking strangers for candy. If you’re looking to throw a unique event, why don’t you host a Halloween piñata party this year? We’ve collected the coolest ideas and put together some inspirational mood boards so you can throw a Halloween party that everyone will still talk about at the Thanksgiving dinner table! read more

woman holding bouquet of flowers

Cheers To Her: How To Celebrate Your Girls from Afar + Printables

Here’s to her, let’s cheers to her!

Celebrating milestones is what makes it all worth it. Whether that’s a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation or a new job — getting together, toasting to exciting opportunities and a bright future often makes it all feel real. In times like these, when visiting friends or family can be a challenge, it’s still important to acknowledge and celebrate these important moments. read more

three people with a birthday cake

Festive Birthday Cake Topper Ideas to Make Anyone Smile

When there’s a birthday, there’s almost always a cake! If you’re throwing a birthday bash for yourself or a loved one, you’ll want to make sure your cake is a showstopper. For the perfect stay-at-home birthday, finish off your sweet treat with a birthday cake topper! These toppers are great for any type of party and all ages — they can take your cake to the next level and make your birthday the most memorable celebration of the year.  read more