Poinsettia Plant in a pot surrounded by other Christmas decorations

When is National Poinsettia Day?

Most people recognize poinsettias as the vibrant red and green plants that signal the beginning of the holiday season each winter, but did you know that December 12 of every year is National Poinsettia Day? Just in time for the Christmas season, National Poinsettia Day honors both Joel Roberts Poinsett, who first sent the plant back to the U.S. from Mexico, as well as Paul Ecke Jr., who is credited with founding the modern poinsettia industry. read more

How To Throw the Ultimate White Elephant Party + Fun Printables

Grab your favorite wrapping paper and get ready for the holiday season! As we prepare to spread Christmas cheer, we’re also thinking about our favorite holiday games to play, one of which is the classic White Elephant gift exchange. This popular Christmas event is a blind gift exchange that involves people “stealing” gifts from each other in order to walk away with the best present. This can include anything from crazy socks or pens to useful kitchen items or even a potted plant!

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Celebrating Cyber Monday: History & Details

The 2021 holiday season is here! This means that it is time to start making those holiday gift lists, checking them twice, and finding out which stores are naughty and nice when it comes to their Cyber Monday Deals. We know that most of the shopping deal love gets doled out to Black Friday, but Cyber Monday is not a day to be overlooked. So, let us help you understand the shopping day a little bit more, that way you can really maximize savings as much as possible!

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Woman Holding Shopping Bags and Holding Phone on Black Friday

Celebrating Black Friday: History & Details

With the holiday season quickly approaching, that means our favorite day of the year is on the horizon. You might be thinking Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas, but we are talking about Black Friday! Ahhhh, Black Friday. The day that comes around once a year, but offers a year’s worth of savings. Black Friday brings forth a ton of sales, great deals, and allows you to get all of your holiday shopping done in one day. So, it is time to start deciding what you are on the hunt for, making your shopping list, and prepping for the biggest shopping day of the year. read more

What Is Giving Tuesday and When Is It?

It’s that time of the year. The weather is cooling down, leaves are changing color, coffee shops are stocking up on pumpkin spice and families are dreaming of turkey and pumpkin pie as Thanksgiving approaches. But while many people are familiar with Thanksgiving, not as many know about or celebrate the Tuesday after, also known as Giving Tuesday.

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Family hiking on nature trail

When is National Hiking Day?

During the U.S.’s frontier days, the country’s citizens were of course bound to their natural settings. Walking distances across different terrains was a necessary aspect of life, and most people sustained all the walking they could stand and more. But in the centuries since, times have changed, with natural settings becoming rarer as cities, townships, and highways continue to be constructed over the long stretches of natural land that stood before. With society’s advancements in technology, and especially with a year-plus for many of us working from home, many people could likely use a nice hike in the countryside nowadays! Hiking is defined as a prolonged walk that usually takes place in a natural setting, such as parks, mountains, or woods. National Take a Hike Day (or National Hiking Day) is a celebration of this great hobby that takes place this year on Wednesday, November 17th, 2021.

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Woman looking out window holding a cup of coffee

When is World Mental Health Day?

Throughout our lives, we have been told to be conscious of our physical health and to take care of it by exercising, eating right, and getting proper sleep. But something that is often overlooked because of the stress on physical health, is mental health. Our mental health includes our psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It not only affects how we feel, act, and think, but it also helps to determine how we are able to relate to others, make choices, and handle stress. Taking proper care of our mental health is a vital part of our existence from childhood all the way through adulthood. That’s why World Mental Health Day was created and why it is still celebrated and observed each year since its creation. read more

Smiling teacher holding flowers in classroom

When is World Teacher’s Day?

When you think back to your childhood, your teen years, and well into adulthood, there are probably people that stand out when you think of those who have changed your life and helped to shape you into the person you are today. Some of those people may be family members or friends, but many of them might also be your teachers. Teachers play a huge role in who we were during our formative years and who we grow up to be. They show us patience, support, love, and are by our sides when we are figuring life out. And though you have expressed your appreciation and thankfulness to them throughout the course of your life, there is a special day for them to shine, and for you to show that unending gratitude. Though we think teachers should be celebrated every day, World Teachers’ Day comes once a year and when it does, it is time to show the educators in your life just how special they are, while advocating for them as well.

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