mother and daughter embracing, with the daughter gifting flowers to mom

How to Plan a Mother’s Day Celebration

What kind of mom do you have? Is she the type who loves to go out to restaurants, or would she prefer to spend Mother’s Day enjoying the outdoors or going to the movies? This is her day, so plan a Mother’s Day celebration doing what she wants to do. Here’s another idea – make Mother’s Day an occasion free of household chores for Mom. This is a day in which she shouldn’t lift a finger except to enjoy herself.

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Mother’s Day Activities for Moms and Kids in 2022

A mother’s love knows no bounds. She gives so much and asks so little that when her special day arrives, you’ll want to treat her to all she deserves. Kids and grandkids also want to join in the fun and show the moms in their life how much they love them. Get some wonderful ideas below for Mother’s Day activities that adults and kids alike will enjoy!

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100+ Best Mother’s Day Quotes for 2022 to Show Her You Care

How would you describe the mother in your life? Strong, patient, a best friend? At FTD we believe every mother is unique and should be cherished and appreciated every day! To celebrate all the mamas this Mother’s Day, we’ve collected over 100 Mother’s Day quotes to help you pick the very best message for Mother’s Day that’s sure to put a smile on her face that will last till next year! Whether she appreciates a thoughtful gift or her love language is through acts of service, use any of our Mother’s Day quotes to shower her with love and gratitude. read more

Poinsettia Plant in a pot surrounded by other Christmas decorations

When is National Poinsettia Day?

Most people recognize poinsettias as the vibrant red and green plants that signal the beginning of the holiday season each winter, but did you know that December 12 of every year is National Poinsettia Day? Just in time for the Christmas season, National Poinsettia Day honors both Joel Roberts Poinsett, who first sent the plant back to the U.S. from Mexico, as well as Paul Ecke Jr., who is credited with founding the modern poinsettia industry. read more