Elegant cup of coffee on dark table with coffee beans

When Is International Coffee Day?

Coffee lovers rejoice! Coffee Day is right around the corner. From espresso to cappuccino, there are several ways to enjoy your coffee; thus, a holiday specially dedicated to this brew is a no-brainer. But, when is Coffee Day, you may ask? This year, International Coffee Day falls on October 1st, 2021, so make sure that you mark your calendar!

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Mom and daughter smiling and laughing together on couch

When Is National Daughters Day?

Are you looking for a reason to celebrate your daughter? Well, National Daughters Day—observed Saturday, September 25th, 2021—is almost here! National Daughters Day is an annual holiday where parents can cherish their daughters and demonstrate how much they love them. While you may do this already, it’s a great excuse to show them some extra affection and perhaps spoil them with a couple of thoughtful gifts.

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Grandparents spending time with their young granddaughter

When Is National Grandparents Day?

Are you looking for a reason to shower your grandparents with affection and gifts? Look no further than National Grandparents Day! There’s no denying the special bond that grandparents share with their children, grandkids, and even great-grandkids—so what better way to honor this connection than with a holiday specifically made for them. But, when is Grandparents Day?

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Person relaxing in hammock

What is National Lazy Day?

There are so many different things in our lives that keep us busy. Running errands, taking care of our families, going to work, working out, cleaning the house, and the list goes on and on. But, did you know that there is one day every year where the goal is to be as lazy as possible, and you can do so without remorse or guilt? National Lazy Day was created for us to be able to rest, sleep-in, stay in bed, and do nothing! And with this extra special day quickly approaching—August 10th, we’re looking at you—it’s time to think about how you want to spend your time focusing on R&R. read more

Featured Florist Molly Barrett

Revitalizing a Century-Old Flower Shop: Molly Barrett

Meet Molly Barrett: An Indiana native who recently took over a 100-year-old business in her hometown of Terra Haute, IN. “I don’t have any background in floristry,” Molly laughed. She’s a businesswoman by profession with over 20 years of experience in retail and banking management. The opportunity to run a flower shop fell into her lap through a friend’s recommendation. “There were flower experts ready to help. They’d need me to streamline the office, expand marketing efforts, and get the business in order.” After looking at the numbers with her husband, the Barretts bought the historic poplar flower shop.

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Wedding Flowers & Decor Trends Table Setting

Top Wedding Decor & Flower Trends

Last year’s pandemic put a lot of weddings on hold and postponed engagements putting a major roadblock in front of the wedding season. People all over the world had to cancel, postpone, and rethink all of their nuptial celebrations in order to adhere to lockdown restrictions and limits on how many people could gather in one place. Now that shutdowns have been lifted and limitations on gatherings are no longer in effect, it’s time for you to finally have the wedding of your dreams. You and your partner can finally dive into nailing down your theme, choosing your colors, and exploring all of your options when it comes to wedding flowers and decor. read more

Self Care Day Sign on Pink Background

What is Self-Care Day?

We’re sure that you’re well-versed and knowledgeable when it comes to taking care of others and making their lives easier. But, when was the last time that you took care of yourself in the same way? If you’re having difficulty thinking of the last time you put in the effort to have a moment or two for self-care, it has probably been too long.  read more

Featured Florist Jimmy Bason

A Blooming Family Florist: Jimmy Bason

Our florist network here at FTD is unmatched, joining together characters from all walks of life. We partner with professionals nationwide, from grandiose event florists to basement betties who only work peak seasons. To showcase the artful designs and hard work behind our bouquets, we sat down with florists themselves to hear their stories.  We previously highlighted Konstantinos Louis Vellios of Avenue J Florist in New York. Today, we’re proud to showcase Jimmy Bason, owner and lead designer at Bird of Paradise Flowers in Philadephia, PA.

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Featured Florist Gus Konstantinos

Flowers, a Family Trait: Konstantinos Louis Vellios

Meet Konstantinos Louis Vellios: a proud Greek orthodox father, husband, and current owner of Avenue J Florist delivering stunning flowers for nearly 100 years. Like other generational storefronts, his is alive with wall-to-wall floral displays, sepia-toned family photos, and the hustle of the employees behind the counter pulling flowers from freezers to trim and arrange. However, it wasn’t always the organized, modern business it is today. read more