When Is National Grandparents Day?

When Is National Grandparents Day?

Are you looking for a reason to shower your grandparents with affection and gifts? Look no further than National Grandparents Day! There’s no denying the special bond that grandparents share with their children, grandkids, and even great-grandkids—so what better way to honor this connection than with a holiday specifically made for them. But, when is Grandparents Day?

This year, National Grandparents Day falls on Sunday, September 12th, 2021, which is coming up fast. In this guide, we’ll cover the origins of Grandparents Day to highlight its purpose and provide a few ideas to help you make this the best Grandparents Day ever. We’ll be answering the following questions, so keep reading for an in-depth look at this holiday.

  • What Day Is National Grandparents Day?

  • What Is the Purpose of Grandparents Day?

  • How Do We Celebrate Grandparents Day?

  • How Important Are Grandparents?

  • How Do You Express Your Love for Your Grandparents?

What Day Is National Grandparents Day?

National Grandparents Day is celebrated annually on the first Sunday after Labor Day. This year, the holiday will occur on September 12th, 2021, so make sure to mark your calendar accordingly! Because the day changes every year, we’ve also listed future National Grandparents Day—so there’s no excuse to forget the date. 

  • September 11, 2022

  • September 10, 2023

  • September 8, 2024

  • September 7, 2025

When Did We Start Celebrating National Grandparents Day? 

National Grandparents Day was declared an official holiday in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter. This came after years of activism and the persistence Jacob Reingold and Marian McQuade demonstrated toward creating a day dedicated to grandparents. 

Grandparents Day Celebrations in Other Countries

Fortunately for grandparents all over the world, the United States isn’t the only country that observes Grandparents Day. Here are a few other countries that take a day to honor and celebrate their grandparents:

  • Australia : The last Sunday of October

  • Mexico : August 28 of every year

  • Singapore : The fourth Sunday of November

What Is the Purpose of Grandparents Day?

National Grandparents Day was established to recognize the contributions of senior citizens in society and educate younger generations about their significance throughout U.S. history. According to Generations United, it’s also about “doing something grand” for older Americans who are grandparents. Let’s dive deeper into the purpose of Grandparents Day with a bit of a history lesson. 

  • 1961—Jacob Reingold encouraged many to focus on recognizing the achievements of senior citizens and to honor their grandparents in September at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, which is located in New York.

  • 1963—The Riverdale neighborhood in the Bronx adopted these celebrations, making the day an official holiday in the area. 

  • 1970—Marian McQuade started campaigning, reaching out to business, civic, faith, and political leaders, in an effort to establish an official day of recognition for grandparents. She envisioned a day in which families could get together to show their love to their older relatives.

  • 1973—West Virginia became one of the first states to acknowledge Grandparents Day as a holiday.

  • 1978—Thanks to all of the hard work of Reingold and McQuade, the United States Congress passed legislation establishing the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day.

When Is National Grandparents Day?

How Do We Celebrate Grandparents Day?

There are many ways that you and your family can partake in the Grandparents Day festivities alongside your favorite grandparents. Here are a few ideas for adults and kids to help you make the most out of the holiday when Grandparents Day rolls around: 

National Grandparents Day Ideas for Adults 

  • Cook for them : Show off your culinary skills by cooking a spectacular meal for your grandparents. Bonus points for cooking their most cherished foods. 

  • Visit memorable spots together : Take a stroll down memory lane with grandma and grandpa and visit all of their favorite places from their childhood. 

  • Host a family reunion : Get the whole clan together by inviting nearby and long-distance relatives for a BBQ to express your gratitude as a family

National Grandparents Day Ideas for Kids

  • Perform their favorite songs : Let the little ones put on a show for their grandparents by performing songs from their youth. 

  • Make a photo collage : Gather a few photos and help your kids cut and glue them onto a piece of construction paper to give to their grandparents personally.

  • Send them a card : If your child’s grandparents live far away, allow their creativity to flow by letting them create a card for their grandparents. You can also send Grandparents Day flowers right to their doorstep with FTD to accompany their handwritten message.

Ultimately, how you celebrate is up to you. Remember, there’s no wrong way to celebrate Grandparents Day! The most important thing is to spend quality time with them, honor their lives, and thank them for all they’ve done and will continue to do. 

How Important Are Grandparents?

Not only is Grandparents Day a great time to show some love to our older relatives, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to reflect on their accomplishments and the support they’ve shown their children, grandkids, great-grandkids, and everyone else in the family. If you need an additional justification to celebrate this joyous holiday, here are a couple of reasons why grandparents are so important: 

  • They’re often selfless and provide a lot of help to raise their grandchildren.

  • They provide guidance during exciting and challenging times.

  • They often cook delicious meals and make sure you’re well-fed.

  • They have a tremendous amount of knowledge about the past.

How Do You Express Your Love for Your Grandparents?

The bond you share with your grandparents is special, so it’s important to express your love to them whenever possible. After all, they’re not getting any younger. There are several ways that you can convey your feelings of fondness and gratitude, such as:

  • Telling them you love them.

  • Spending quality time together.

  • Surprising them with flowers.

  • Teaching them how to use new technology.

However, you don’t have to wait until National Grandparents Day to show your grandparents that you love them, you can show them all throughout the year.

Make This Grandparents Day One to Remember

Now that you know the answer to “when is Grandparents Day”, ensure you make it a holiday to remember by showering your grandparents with presents and a lot of affection! From same-day flower delivery to gourmet gift baskets, FTD has an array of gifts that’ll impress all grandparents, no matter their personal tastes. Whether you live near or far, they’ll appreciate a few elegant blooms and an assortment of delicious treats. Order your gift today to ensure it arrives by National Grandparents Day—Sunday, September 12, 2021.