Chocolate Gifts Delivery

Looking for the perfect pairing when you deliver a gorgeous bouquet? Send that special someone the delicious gift of chocolate! FTD offers a variety of chocolate options, including chocolate chip cookies, Godiva Chocolates, and more — scroll through to find the ideal chocolate gift basket today!

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Chocolate Gifts and More from FTD

Here at FTD, we specialize in more than chocolate-filled gift baskets for her and him. You will find gorgeous floral arrangements, distinctive plants, as well as fresh fruits, cookies, brownies, and much more. You can depend on FTD when it comes to sending the perfect gift.

Send Chocolate Gift Baskets Online

FTD offers a phenomenal selection of chocolate treats and other goods that are sure to delight anyone and everyone. We offer Godiva chocolates, Mrs. Fields Cookies, chocolate gift towers, and so much more. Go ahead, and indulge yourself with an exquisite box of dreamy chocolates. And check out our extensive collection of chocolate gifts for delivery today!

Chocolate Gifts Delivery FAQ

Is it safe to send chocolate through the mail?

When it comes to food gift delivery, all edibles are not created equal. Some items are more perishable than others since they are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and spoilage. Is it safe to send chocolate gifts for delivery? When you order them with a reputable company like FTD, the short answer is "yes." Our packaging and shipping methods make sending chocolate safe and secure through the mail. We guarantee that all of our chocolate gift baskets are expertly packaged and designed to withstand any possible mishaps that could arise on the way to their destination. We invest in the best logistics to ensure that your delivery arrives on time and intact, perfectly fresh and ready to devour!

What is the difference between cheap and quality chocolate?

It boils down to quality ingredients. Inexpensive chocolate is packed with preservatives and artificial sweeteners that are cheaply produced and give the chocolate a flat, overly-sweet flavor. Quality chocolate, like FTD’s delectable Godiva collection, is made out of only the finest ingredients that create more developed flavors and depth.

Cocoa is the primary ingredient and heart of any piece of chocolate. It’s what gives it its distinctly warm, sweet flavor. Cheap chocolates pour in tons of sugar or other sweeteners, along with fillers and other chemicals that increase the volume of the chocolate but leave the cocoa flavor lacking. Quality chocolate prioritizes the distinct notes of the cocoa, so you get every dimension of the rich flavor. A little sweetener helps enhance the taste without drowning it out.

FTD chooses only the best chocolate gift baskets and candy gift baskets for delivery. When you order a chocolate gift basket delivery with FTD, you know that you’re getting the best quality. Pair your beautiful bouquet with chocolate-covered strawberries for a present that will be sweet, thoughtful and memorable.

What does chocolate symbolize as a gift?

For centuries, chocolate has been a central theme of life’s most important celebrations, especially among priests and nobility. The ancient Maya considered chocolate the “food of the Gods,” and a powerful aphrodisiac. Chocolate gifts are said to symbolize love, passion and devotion. Chocolate’s melt-in-your-mouth properties and sensuous texture make it an irresistible treat, and it packs several “feel-good” phytochemicals that have the same effect as adrenaline and dopamine.

What’s the difference between dark, milk, and white chocolate?

Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar and sometimes vanilla. It is considered the most heart-healthy and can be slightly bitter, depending on the concentration of cocoa solids. Milk chocolate has a milder flavor, thanks to the addition of milk or milk solids. Arguably the most popular type of chocolate, milk chocolate is usually sweeter and has a lovely velvety texture.

The main ingredient in white chocolate is cocoa butter, which gives it its creamy taste. This confection also contains milk solids, vanilla, sugar and an emulsifier called lecithin. No matter which variety of chocolate you prefer, you’ll find it at FTD.