10 Signature Cocktails for Your Special Day


When planning a wedding reception, one important decision you’ll have to make is what drinks to serve. The decision to have an open bar, cash bar or no bar will influence the cost of the wedding as well as the overall energy of the event.

One recent trend in wedding drinks has been to create a signature cocktail. A signature cocktail is a unique drink that is used to express the nature and personality of the couple. Couples choose a drink they enjoy or that best represents their love and serve it as a speciality cocktail all night.

A signature cocktail usually consists of a base alcoholic spirit, a modifier (like a flavor mix-in) and a statement garnish like a flower. These can also be made non-alcoholic for attendees that are underage or do not to drink. The name of the signature cocktail is usually written on a sign at the bar so guests know what it is.

To help you find the right cocktail for your event, we have some tips to follow and a flowchart to help you choose between 10 signature cocktails.

5 Tips for Choosing Your Signature Cocktail

Consider these factors when picking your perfect signature wedding cocktail. Keeping these in mind will help make the process easier.

1. Does the Cocktail Describe Your Love?

Start by writing a list of cocktails that you would consider serving,then write a few words to describe each one. Do these words match your love and how you want to spend your years of marriage moving forward?

2. What Do Your Guests Enjoy?

Realistically, you won’t be hanging out at the bar on your wedding day — be sure to choose a cocktail that your guests will enjoy. Are there more wine lovers than whiskey connoisseurs? Then maybe try a wine cocktail that they’ll enjoy tasting.

3. What Season is Your Wedding in?

The season of your wedding is a big factor. If you have a summer wedding, you’ll want something cool and refreshing, while a winter wedding will be more inclined to have something warm and cozy.

4. What Type of Venue is it?

Where are you hosting your wedding? Are there drinking limitations? Be sure to read all the rules before buying any ingredients for your signature drink.

5. What’s Your Budget?

A large portion of the wedding budget goes toward the bar. If this is a concern, choose a drink that has a cheaper alcohol and fewer ingredients. It’s easy to cater your signature cocktail to your financial needs.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect signature cocktail, we have a flowchart that will help you choose one for your special day.


If you got blood orange Moscow mule…


A twist on the classic Moscow mule, this drink has notes of citrus to compliment the ginger flavoring. This signature cocktail is perfect for a casual celebration with down-to-earth touches

If you got fig thyme cocktail…


This flavorful cocktail will not only taste amazing, but look incredible. The pastel coloring will match a more feminine, romantic occasion.

If you got cinnamon orange old fashioned…


You’re looking for a sophisticated take on the classic old fashioned, and this orange and cinnamon twist is your answer. This spicy but refreshing cocktail is perfect for a winter wonderland wedding.

If you got passionfruit and mango cocktail…


Your love and energy is contagious! Make sure it shines through in all aspects of your wedding day. Choose this bright flavorful drink to match your colorful color scheme.

If you got pomegranate lemonade…


Embrace the crisp clean air of fall in your wedding by including natural touches and deep, warm hues. This pomegranate cocktail will be sure to make a colorful splash on your big day!

If you got pink lemon drop…


Bring your fairytale day to life with the sweet pastel hues you’ve dreamed about all your life. Be sure to accent this pink lemon drop with edible flowers to make it stand out!

If you got berry mint cooler…


You’re planning a beachy summer wedding with colors reminiscent of turquoise waters and fiery sunsets. The berry mint cooler will match your relaxed vibe perfectly.

If you got foamed rose cocktail…


You’ve had your flowers planned for months. After all, what’s a wedding without beautiful blooms? Pair your classic rose bouquet with an equally floral cocktail.

If you got a paloma…


If you’re looking to add a feminine touch to your rustic mountain wedding try embracing the fresh colors of wildflowers that grow in the valley. Serve a sweet pastel paloma with a wildflower accent.

If you got watermelon slush…


Your wedding will be an elevated garden party that everyone will talk about for years to come. Embrace the colors and flavors of summer with this refreshing, bright watermelon cocktail.

If you got aloe margarita…


This cooling aloe margarita is exactly what you need for an outdoor wedding in the desert. Pair this refreshing signature cocktail with an eclectic mix of bright decor throughout the venue.

If you got mojito…


Nothing says relaxation like a mojito on the beach. Make your guests feel at ease and ready to celebrate your love with this signature cocktail.

Now that you know which cocktail to serve at your wedding, be sure to pair the garnish with your wedding flowers and theme to create a cohesive look.