Essential Guide to Popular Wedding Flowers [Includes Checklist]


Ready to ring the wedding bells? If so, you must be looking for your wedding-day blooms to suit your ceremony theme and personal style. To help you get started, FTD Canada has put together an essential guide to popular wedding flowers, from a rundown of the ten most sought-after wedding bouquet blooms to types of bouquet flowers for every season. Next keep reading to get our wedding flowers checklist that will help you plan your floral arrangement like a pro. From the bridal bouquet to the reception table centerpiece arrangement, it gives you a complete list of when you’ll need a floral arrangement. You can download our free printable popular wedding flowers checklist and refer to it while meeting your local florist for the best possible floral décor. Let’s get started!

A Rundown of the Ten Most Popular Wedding Flowers


The color blue symbolizes heavenly bonds between couples and works beautifully if you have a vintage-inspired wedding theme. Also, blue flowers stand out contrastingly with a bride’s white gown. Tweedia comes in different shades of blue and lavender and is a perfect match for a blue wedding theme. Also, these flowers give the bouquet or boutonniere an edgy flair because of its prominent shape.


We like to call Peonies the bride’s all-time favorite as they are one of the most popular wedding flowers of all time. The fluffy, ruffled petals make beautiful bouquets, but the flowers go well in vases for reception tables, centerpieces and more. Peonies are available in countless beautiful colors, from crisp white and cream to yellow and varying shades of pink and red.



Got a tropical wedding coming up? Hibiscus is your go-to flower for a perfect tropical wedding floral arrangement. But if you want to steer away from typical décor, the blue hibiscus is a wonderful addition to your list. As a bride, you can wear it to your hair, add it to the bouquet or include them in aisle décor. We’ve also seen brides mixing these with yellow and pink shades for the ultimate Hawaiian soiree.


No florist can ignore Dahlias when suggesting you the most popular wedding bouquet flowers. It is a quintessential fall flower and available in almost every color you want. However, Café au lait is one of the most popular Dahlia varieties among brides. Its color is suitable to its name and ranges from a blush pink-peach hue to a soft and creamy beige. Also, Dahlias are usually more affordable than the ever-popular peonies or roses.


Sea lavender

Sea Lavender, also popularly known as the Statice, is a small purple flower that blooms all year. However, it is still a very popular summer wedding flower. Because of its bright, vibrant color, you can pair it artistically with orchids, calla lilies and luscious greens.


Hellebores are very popular due to their graceful nodding heads and moody, varied colors. They are popularly available in shades of ivory, blush, green, mauve, and even black and make an excellent choice for bouquets, boutonnieres, and even hair flowers.



Scabiosa commonly known as vivid violets or pincushion flowers are large and stand out in wedding floral arrangements. You can pair them with some other common blooms like birds of paradise or the lily of the valley.



Ranunculuses are beautiful blooms with delicate, tissue-thin petals. From bouquets to table centerpieces, they are suitable for various floral arrangements and are highly versatile. They also make an excellent choice for boutonnieres since they stand up to a lot of hugs. Ranunculuses are available in nearly every color so you can be certain to find a perfect shade to match your wedding color scheme.


Zinnias can easily be mistaken for sunflowers because of the similarity in their look. But these flowers are smaller in size and have long stems. For weddings, they work perfectly for long vases and unique wedding styles. If you’re looking for a tad dash of color for your aisle, wedding centerpieces or bouquet, you’ll find that these beautiful blooms are just what you need.


Lilacs are signature spring blooms with a sweet fragrance and a loose, organic shape. Available in a deep purple and lighter lavender and white, you can mix them into a centerpiece or gather a big bunch of lilacs to carry as fragrant bouquets.


Tips For Choosing The Most Popular Wedding Flowers For Your Wedding

Wondering where to start when it comes to selecting flowers for your wedding? We’ve compiled some simple tips to get you started. While there is no right or wrong way to do it, your local florist will be able to help you find what works best for you.

Find a Local Florist

The first thing you’d want to do is find a florist who understands what exactly you need. A wedding florist will have a better idea of what type of flowers you’ll need for all your ceremonies. Besides, they are experts in their field and should be able to help you find alternatives if you cannot find what you need.

Have a Set Budget

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. The one thing you’d want to do to ease your mind is to allocate a set budget for your wedding floral decoration. Write down how and in what way you want your entire floral budget to look.

Try to Select Seasonal Flowers

While it is not necessary to choose seasonal flowers, going with seasonal blooms means you are not expanding your budget any more than you have to. Also, seasonal flowers will stand up longer than others that are not meant to bloom around that time of the year.

Get Inspired

Take inspiration from popular wedding experts and influencers within the space for how you can best come up with a floral wedding theme. Next, don’t be afraid to experiment and choose a theme that is less popular and unique to your style.

Take Down Notes

As you research popular wedding flowers, and themes, you will come across several inspiring ideas. Make sure to note all of them down to refer to later. For instance, in this blog post, you’ll be reading about the wedding flower checklist and you’d want to save it for future reference.

Popular Wedding Flower Checklist: All The Flowers You’ll Need

Now that you know a whole lot of stuff about wedding bouquet flowers, it is time to speak to your florist! But before you meet them, you might need to put together a checklist of all the flora arrangements you will need. We’ve already done that for you! Below you can download our printable wedding flowers checklist and pull it for easy reference when you meet your florist.