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During Spring, my mind is filled with fond memories of Easter! Our traditions include going to church (in a brand new dress, of course) then meeting up with our extended family to celebrate the holiday. We all get together for a meal and an Easter egg hunt. It has always been one of my favorite holidays.

All of the women in my family are creative and wonderful hostesses, and we take turns hosting everyone. We all truly enjoy opening our homes, paying attention to the details, and making a family gathering feel extra special.

Here are some steps to take when hosting a family-inspired Easter brunch.


Plan the Menu

For a Springtime brunch, it is best to go with lighter, seasonal fare. It’s beneficial to prep some food in advance. A welcome drink, such as a blood orange mimosa or sparkling mint lemonade, would be fitting for the occasion.

Brunch-appropriate, make-ahead menu items can include a green salad with berries, goat cheese, and nuts; an asparagus and parmesan frittata with crispy prosciutto; and carrot cake muffins. For dessert, try chocolate-covered strawberries or these festive cake pops!




Set the Table

To start, get inspired and use what you already have on hand. My inspiration for the table setting and centerpiece began with this basket of purple and yellow flowers, and also my tasseled jute placements. I have learned over the years that setting a table and putting together a centerpiece is improved with layers and dimensionality. For the individual place settings, I incorporated the blue with the napkins and hyacinth. I believe it is always nice to add an extra token or touch to each person’s place, and chocolate-covered strawberries or cake pops fit the bill! They were dessert and party favor all in one. If you want a DIY project, check out these fun confetti eggs.


For the centerpiece, I began with a rustic wooden tray, then layered pieces on top. To go with the flowers, I gathered items from around the house, such as a blue and white kitchen towel and a small blue and white bowl from another room. This white bunny obviously had to have a place on the table as well. Raw wooden pieces were used to add height and another texture to the centerpiece. The look came together with the inspiration behind it all — the flowers!



Always Include Flowers

Any time I host an event, flower arrangements are one of the key elements to my decor. I would have a home filled to the brim with fresh flowers if I could have it my way. For Easter especially, flowers remind us of new life and the start of a fresh season. I adore the colors in a spring floral basket. Purple and yellow hues are something different from typical pastels. This gorgeous mix of lilies, irises, daisies and carnations comes arranged in a cute, neutral basket and is wonderfully appropriate for the occasion.


Enhance the Theme

Adding Easter-themed touches can be quite simple. Bunnies, eggs, crosses, baskets and bright colors all say “Easter!” Decorate with these easy-to-make string eggs. For the “icing on the cake,” these Easter-themed cake pops add a thoughtful touch to each person’s place setting. Cake pops decorated like a bunny and a chick are sure to add a big smile to a child’s face!


Organize a Fun Activity

Is there anything better than seeing little ones hunt for Easter eggs on a beautiful Spring afternoon, with all of your family together? Last year we had such a fun time watching the youngest kids, in their bright Easter clothes, hunting all through my parents’ flower beds for colorful, plastic eggs filled with tiny treats. If you have slightly older kids and want to wear them out, consider this Easter egg fitness treasure hunt. An Easter egg hunt is a simple, inexpensive way to laugh, get outside and enjoy time with family and friends.


Easter is right around the corner, and I cannot wait to celebrate the holiday! I hope you enjoy your time with family and friends.

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