How to Throw a Hallowine Get-Together + Printable Spooky Wine Pairing Cards

Halloween Get togethar

Due to COVID-19, Halloween may look a little different for everyone this year. If you’re stuck coming up with alternative Halloween party ideas, why not throw a wine tasting gathering with your closest girlfriends? Better yet, trick or treat yourself to a Hallowine get-together! A gathering like this is a great opportunity to gossip over some wine, because let’s face it — this year hasn’t been easy. 

Celebrate the spooky season in style over some snacks, sweet treats and delicious wine pairings so you can eat, drink and be scary. We’ve put together our favorite Hallowine get-together inspiration so you can plan the perfect ghoulish gathering. 

Planning Your Get-Together

Even though Halloween may not be the same as other years, you can still get away with planning a fun gathering with the girls. Here’s everything you need to make your Hallowine get-together spectacular with these important to-do’s:

  • Pick a date: This might sound obvious, but make sure you plan your date and location ahead of time to make planning this get-together as simple as possible — especially since Halloween doesn’t always fall on a weekend!

  • Invitations: Get crafty and make some cute and spooky invitations to get your gals excited! Your invitations can also include what all to expect for the wine night and if guests need to bring anything along. For a unique twist, send out your invitations with a candy basket.

  • Choose your theme: If you really want to step up your Halloween game, choose a fun theme for your get-together! That way, you can easily whip up your food and drink menu to match. 

  • Stock up on your wines: There’s no Hallowine get-together without the wine! Depending on what food you decide to include on your menu, you’ll want to have the appropriate wine pairings. Stock up on the vino ahead of time, or invite your friends to bring their own. Also, be sure to have enough wine glasses.

With these important to-do’s in mind, you’ll be planning a Hallowine get-together in no time. If you need more ideas, these inspirational mood boards will help get you and the girls get ready for a spooky season. 

Elevate With Classy Decor

Just because you may be spending Halloween indoors this year, doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the fun decorations. Bring the Halloween decorations into your home so you can celebrate your wine night in style. Plus, it doesn’t have to be the cheesy stuff from the stores — get creative with it!

From classic fall flower arrangements to personalized place settings, you can ensure it will be a fright night to remember.


Incorporating these sophisticated elements into your Halloween decor is a sure way to elevate and make your get-together stand out from the crowd. Plus, these chic decoration ideas are simplistic enough to look great with just about any decor you already have in your home. They’ll also help your dinner stand out at the table!

A Delicious Dinner with the Gals 

Take advantage of this festive holiday and serve up an out-of-the-box dinner! Nothing says Halloween more than roasted bone marrow or black-colored pasta. These delicious dinner ideas are perfect for a classy get-together and will be sure to get your appetite going.


These Halloween-themed dinner ideas will be the perfect addition to your quality time with your girlfriends. Since trick-or-treating may be out of the question, top off the night with some sweet treats.

Celebrate with Sweet Treats

Halloween isn’t complete without having something sweet! These dessert ideas are so tasty, they might put you and your friends under a spell. Whether it’s fall-colored mini cupcakes or a cake that’s gone a little batty, there will be something satisfying for everyone. 


These dinner and dessert ideas will instantly elevate and add some class to your get-together. To step up your game even further, get some wine that will serve as the perfect pairing to your savory and sweet dishes.

A Wicked Wine Pairing Guide 101


You can’t have a Hallowine get-together without the wine! After planning your dinner and dessert menu, it’s time to pair your wines so you and the ladies can whine and wine — don’t forget some cheese to snack on! Plus, you can even spice up a bar dresser with some Halloween decorations and put your fancy wines on display.

Not sure where to start when choosing wine for your gathering? Here’s a simple wine pairing guide that will make planning a breeze:

  • Light reds: Pair red wines that are lighter, such as pinot noir and grenache with fish, white meat and roasted vegetable dishes. Light red wines also pair nicely with cured meat, so whip up a charcuterie board!  

  • Medium reds: Medium red wines like merlot and shiraz go well with starchy foods and cheese, like smoked gouda — perfect for any nice cheese and bread plate. These wines are also tasty with cured and smoked meats.

  • Heavy reds: Red wines that are on the heavier side, such as cabernet sauvignon and zinfandel taste best when paired with red meats — think juicy steak or lamb. These wines also pair well with cheeses such as aged cheddar.

  • White: White wines, such as pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay pair well with starches, veggies, white meat and fish. Any of these would be great with dishes such as squid ink pasta or a cheese board featuring creamy goat cheese.

  • Sparkling: Bring out the bubbles! Pair sparkling wines like champagne and prosecco with fish dishes, cheeses like asiago and brie and desserts.

  • Dessert: If you’re feeling fancy, put out some dessert wine! The rich, velvety goodness of dessert wines like sherry and port will pair nicely with any of your sweet treats. If you prefer something lighter than a dessert wine, go with a sweet white, like Riesling or Moscato. 

To add some more fun to your Hallowine get-together, include some printable wine tasting cards! These are a great activity to do with your girls and will add a nice touch to your non-stuffy wine tasting party.

It’s Time to Wine + Whine! 

Download and print out this wine tasting scorecard so you and your girlfriends can rate the different wines you taste, plus a space to write down what you need to whine about! Compare your ratings and take turns sharing your gripes.


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Which Wine is Witch? 

Witch way to the wine? Add some fun to your Halloween wine tasting with a good old fashioned guessing game so you can play as you sip and share endless laughs. Download and print out these wine tags and guessing cards to get the party started!

To begin, either pour the wines into a separate unmarked bottle or place into a bag to hide the label. Print out the numbered wine tags and place around the neck of the bottle. Sit around the table and take turns sipping on the numbered bottles. Using the guessing cards, take turns writing down what type of wine you think it is! The person to guess the most correct, wins!



Even if you’ll be celebrating Halloween at home this year, you can still put a fun and unique twist on the occasion. Nothing is better than getting together with your close girlfriends for a relaxing night in, especially when it’s on a crisp Halloween night. From Halloween flower decor to delicious snacks and wine pairings, these ideas will surely help you plan a Hallowine get-together to remember.