4 Printable Father’s Day Cards, Example Messages + Gift Ideas


Dads go above and beyond every day to care for everyone around them, which is why they deserve to be celebrated! This Father’s Day, show him gratitude and appreciation for all that he does by giving him a sweet and loving card. We’ve put together a collection of free printable Father’s Day cards for a range of scenarios, plus unique Father’s Day quotes and gift ideas to help make his day special.

Printable Father’s Day Cards

Whether you’re short on time or looking for a customizable option, these printable Father’s Day cards are something that he can keep and cherish forever. We’ve put together a collection of cards for different scenarios, including funny and sentimental cards as well as cards from kids and partners. 

To use the cards below, simply download and print them out on card stock. After cutting out your card you can customize the card with your own unique message or use a quote from our list below.



Bring a smile to dad’s face this Father’s Day by giving him a sweet and thoughtful card. Remind him how much you’ve appreciated his guidance and support throughout the years, whether it was about college, marriage or your career. With this sentimental card, he’ll feel all the extra love on his special day. 

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Share your thanks this year to the funniest guy you know! With this lighthearted card, you’ll have dad reliving all the great times you’ve shared together, especially the silly ones. Add a special and personalized touch by choosing one of these creative Father’s Day gifts.

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From the Kids


Have your kids channel their artistic side with this adorable and printable Father’s Day card. Grab all the crayons, markers, and colored pencils around the house and get the young ones to create their dad a masterpiece. There’s nothing dad will cherish more than a gift from the kiddos, especially if it’s a sweet card like this one!

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For Your Husband


Your husband is the most hard-working and determined man you know, so give him something extra special this Father’s Day. This printable Father’s Day card for your man is the perfect way to show bundles of love and affection while appreciating everything he does for you and your family. 

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What to Write in a Father’s Day Card 


Where do you even begin when it comes to thanking dads? They play so many different roles from being a mentor to driving us to sports games to cooking us amazing dinners (and more). Thankfully, we have a few ideas that might help you out if you can’t put your thoughts into words. 

What to Say to Your Dad

Your dad has been there through every stage of your life, giving you the best advice and guiding you to make the right choices. Show him how much you appreciate his love and guidance throughout the years with these heartfelt messages and quotes. 

  • “I’m so proud to be your kid—thank you for everything!”

  • “Dad, we’ve got a lot of great memories together. Can’t wait for many more!”

  • “Growing up was so much fun with you. Thank you for being the best dad in the world.”

  • Dad, you’ve been by my side through it all. Thank you for everything.”

  • “You’ve been there for me since day one. Thank you for providing me all the love and guidance I’ve needed!”

  • “Dad, thanks for keeping it real with me. You’re a great father, husband, and friend.”

  • “You’re the best, Dad. I love you!”

  • “You’ve sacrificed a lot for me, I have so much to be grateful for!”

What to Say to Your Grandpa on Father’s Day

Don’t forget about grandpas! Use these sweet messages to show your love and appreciation for your grandfather so he knows that he truly holds a special place in your heart. 

  • “You’re the best grandpa in the world. Happy Father’s Day!”

  • “I’ve always felt so lucky and blessed to have a grandpa like you.”

  • “Have a sweet Father’s Day that’s filled with plenty of ice cream. Love you, Grandpa!”

  • “You’ll always have your own special place in my heart. Thanks for everything, Grandpa.”

  • “You’ve taught me so much over the years and for that, I am forever grateful.”

  • “I can only hope to be half the man you are. Thank you for everything!”

  • “I hope you know how much I admire you and everything you’ve done for this family, Grandpa.”

  • “Happy Father’s Day, Papa! I’ll always be your biggest fan.”

Father’s Day Messages for Your Husband or Partner 

If your partner is basically Superman in dad form, show him his actions don’t go unnoticed by choosing one of these touching messages. These sweet and thoughtful words will surely put a smile on his face!

  • “I’m grateful every day for you and our beautiful family. I love you.”

  • “Happy Father’s Day to the love of my life and father of our children.”

  • “The kids and I are so lucky to have you — thank you for everything.”

  • “I’m so grateful to be sharing this beautiful life with you. Happy Father’s Day from me and the kids!”

  • “You’re the most loving and caring person I’ve ever met. How’d I get so lucky?!”

  • “Happy Father’s Day to the man of my dreams. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me!”

  • “Seeing you become the father you are today warms my heart. I love you!”

  • “Happy Father’s Day to my whole world. I hope you know how much I appreciate everything you do.”

What to Say to Someone Who’s Like a Dad to You 

Do you have a special father figure in your life whose advice and wise words have led you to become the person you are today? Whether it’s an uncle, teacher, coach, or family friend, tell them how much they mean to you with these loving quotes.

  • “Thinking of you on Father’s Day. I am so grateful to have you in my life.”

  • “Showering you with extra love and appreciation today. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done!”

  • “Happy Father’s day to the most amazing man I’ve ever met. I’ll always look up to you.”

  • “I’m so lucky to have met you. Thank you for supporting me all these years.”

  • “I hope you know how much I appreciate you for being such a caring and positive influence in my life. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

  • “To someone who’s always been a great father figure — thank you for providing me with your wisdom and guidance.

  • “Having you in my life is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me. Happy Father’s Day!”

Wishes for Your Friend or Brother

Celebrate your best friend or brother by wishing them a Happy Father’s Day! For inspiration, choose one of these uplifting quotes and messages to show your admiration and appreciation for the important men in your life.

  • “I always knew you’d be a great dad someday. Your little ones are lucky to have a great role model like you.”

  • “Hoping this Father’s Day brings you some relaxation. Love you tons!”

  • “Your kids got an awesome dad!”

  • “Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to the father of a few of my favorite nephews/nieces!”

  • “I’ve probably said this a thousand times, but you’ve got great kids! Way to raise ’em right!”

  • “Thank you for being such a good friend. Enjoy your Father’s Day!”

Father’s Day Messages for a New Dad and Dad-to-Be 

Nothing beats the excitement of becoming a new father. Share your love and support for new dads or dads-to-be so they know you’re there for them whenever they need someone to watch the baby and catch some sleep! Check out our new baby delivery baskets for some great ideas.

  • “Happy (almost) Father’s Day!”

  • “Today must be such a special day for you. Enjoy!”

  • “Your baby girl is a happy one. You’re doing a great job, new daddy!”

  • “Sending lots of good wishes to the new dad-to-be. Happy Father’s Day!”

  • “I can’t wait to see you be the father you’ve waited so long to be.”

  • “Your little one is lucky to have a dad like you. Have a great 1st Father’s Day!”

  • “It won’t be long until your new arrival! What an exciting day for a father-to-be like you.”

  • “Hoping this Father’s Day will be the first of many special and exciting ones for you.”

  • “Happy 1st Father’s Day! You’re off to a great start.”

  • “Happy Father’s Day to our favorite father-to-be — you’re going to be a great dad!”

  • “You’re a natural. Keep up the good work!”

Best Gifts for Father’s Day

  • Golfing: If your dad likes to hit the golf course in his spare time, consider getting him a new golf shirt or some golf balls. If you want, maybe even plan a day for the two of you to spend out at your local course or range.

  • New Bike: Who doesn’t want a new bike? Surprise your dad with a brand new bike this Father’s Day for the ultimate gift. If he already has his dream bike, consider getting him a new helmet or gears.

  • Water Bottle: Keep it simple this year and buy your dad a nice reusable water bottle. Find one in his favorite color and consider filling it with chocolates or candy to add that extra touch.

  • Go Hiking: Looking to venture into the woods? Plan a hiking or camping trip with your dad and find a pretty trail for you two to explore — this is a great and affordable way to spend time with pops.

Father’s Day Ideas for Sports Fans

If your dad is a big sports fan and wants to rep his favorite team, surprise him with these thoughtful sports gift ideas — he’ll never forget it!

  • Sports Jersey: Few things would make an avid sports fan happier than receiving a jersey from his favorite sports team. Bonus points if you know his favorite player!

  • Tickets to a Game: Celebrate Father’s Day at a sports game repping your favorite team and drinking some brews. Whether you decide to go to a basketball arena or football field, you’ll both have a blast.

  • License Plate Holder: Make your dad the ultimate sports fan by giving him a license plate holder with his favorite team. If he needs to spice up his car a bit, this is the gift for him!

  • Personalized pint glass: The perfect gift for football Sundays is no doubt a personalized pint glass. Get his favorite sports team customized on the glass and he’ll never put it down— guaranteed.

Father’s Day Ideas for Dads Who Grill

No one can cook up a steak better than dad can! These gift ideas will step up his grilling game and bring a big smile to his face. 

  • Cookbook: Dads who like to grill are always on the hunt for new recipes, so surprise him with a new cookbook with unique and fun food ideas. Whether he likes to grill, bake, or make stir fry, there’s a cookbook out there made just for him!  

  • Tool Set: Is it about time your dad gets new barbeque tools? If so, good thing Father’s Day is just around the corner! Replace his set with some new ones that he’s had his eye on— it’ll be the ultimate surprise!

  • Spice collection: If his spice collection needs updating, get him a nice set online or in a home store— it’ll bring his cooking game to the next level. Pro tip: Throw in some unique spices that he can experiment with at the next tailgate.

  • Personalized apron: What’s a dad who cooks without a personalized apron? Get creative and customize an apron for him, it’ll be a good laugh for the whole family! Etsy and Amazon are great options if you want to personalize an apron with your own words or images.

With these printable Father’s Day cards, messages and gift ideas, you can make this Father’s Day one that he will remember and cherish forever. Make sure to shower the father figures in your life with love and appreciation, not just in June but every single day. For more ideas, check out our Father’s Day arrangements