Top Wedding Decor & Flower Trends

Top wedding decor

Last year’s pandemic put a lot of weddings on hold and postponed engagements putting a major roadblock in front of the wedding season. People all over the world had to cancel, postpone, and rethink all of their nuptial celebrations in order to adhere to lockdown restrictions and limits on how many people could gather in one place. Now that shutdowns have been lifted and limitations on gatherings are no longer in effect, it’s time for you to finally have the wedding of your dreams. You and your partner can finally dive into nailing down your theme, choosing your colors, and exploring all of your options when it comes to wedding flowers and decor.

Whether you’re still going forward with an elaborate celebration that includes hundreds of your friends and family members, or you’ve reimagined a more intimate celebration, now is the time to get back to wedding planning. Check out the latest in wedding decor and flower trends that are popping up at weddings this year so you can get ideas that will make your special day stand out.

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Top New Wedding Decor & Flower Trends

When you’re exploring what kind of flowers and decor you want to incorporate into your wedding, there are a few things you want to consider first before diving into floral selection.  Considering the season, color preferences, wedding theme, and venue will help you narrow down the best types of flowers and decor arrangements that will best enhance the vision you have for your special day. For example, the flowers you would choose for an elegant, romantic wedding in the summer would likely be very different from an outdoor, rustic wedding held in the fall. A larger venue may require more flower arrangements, or perhaps even larger, more bold pieces like archways, draping bursts of flowers, intricate tablescapes, or focal pieces like a flower wall. On the other hand, if you’re having a more intimate event at home or a smaller venue, scaled-down flower arrangements and streamlined decor will create an elegant look that won’t feel overdone or too crowded in the space.

Wedding Decorations by Season

Choosing wedding flowers that are prominent during the season in which you’re getting married is a great way to stay on-trend while remaining within budget. Different flowers are naturally more abundant during their regular growing season, so they’re more likely to be in stock at your local florists without having to deal with shipping delays and extra charges that are involved with having them shipped from somewhere else, sometimes even another country.

Ideas for Summer Wedding Flowers


Choosing the best wedding flowers is easy during the summer months since most of your favorite wedding flowers are in their natural growing season. Now all you have to do is settle on the perfect color Pantone you want to enhance the backdrop of your day. Vibrant pink and coral wedding flowers are a popular summer wedding trend that reflects the vibrant tones of a warm, sunny day or a sultry summer sunset. With any floral arrangement, don’t limit yourself to just one or two colors. Mixing darker pinks and crimson with more subtle colors can really bring a bouquet or tablescape to life by giving dimension to the colors. Descending shades of color that create an ombre effect are also very on-trend for this year’s wedding season, in bouquets, trellises, and aisle decor. Mix up different textures of flowers to create more interest in your wedding flower decorations with some of the most popular summer wedding flowers such as peonies, hydrangeas, orchids, lavender, freesia, and garden roses.

Fall Wedding Flower Trends


Fall wedding flowers have always highlighted the deep reds, burnt oranges, vibrant golds, and deep purples that are reflected outside at this time of year. Daisies, heather, ranunculus, dahlia, and amaranthus all showcase the vibrant colors of fall while incorporating some interesting textures that will make your flowers stand out. If you’re going for a more natural, monochromatic theme, light-colored hydrangeas, garden roses, and poppy pods mixed with rustic greens like sage, and ferns are also an elegant trend for Fall. 

Spring Wedding Colors


Spring weddings are very popular since everything is fresh and coming back to life. Spring wedding flower trends include fresh greens like ferns, dusty miller, and baby’s breath mixed with all white flowers such as roses, calla lilies, and astilbe to create an organic, romantic feel. This neutral look plays beautifully with any wedding color theme and has the natural, fresh feeling that is associated with Spring. If you’re not into the monochromatic feeling, there are plenty of colorful Spring flowers to choose from. Some of the most popular Spring wedding flowers include garden roses, wax flowers, irises, sweet peas, lilacs, hydrangeas, and peonies in soft shades of pink, peach, coral, and purple.

Winter Wedding Flower Trends


Monochromatic colors with subtle hints of elegant color are on-trend for Winter wedding flowers

Along with classic white roses, oriental lilies, and hydrangeas, stunning winter flowers that are sure to match any Winter wedding include Japanese lisianthus, anemone, semi-cactus dahlia, ranunculus, chrysanthemum, and stock. Contrast these larger flowers, subtly colored flowers with brighter pops of color or greenery such as eucalyptus, Queen Anne’s lace, cockscomb, or astilbe. Your winter wonderland can be icy and elegant, soft and romantic, or cozy and ethereal with any of these Winter flower trends.

Outdoor Wedding Trends 

The pandemic limited large numbers of people gathering indoors, which may have led to the trend for more people to embrace outdoor weddings. The warmer summer and fall months are ideal for a gorgeous outdoor wedding, and if you’re lucky enough to live in a more moderate climate, you’ll have even more options for your wedding season. In any case, since the trend over the past year has leaned towards outdoor events, it’s easy to find local businesses to supply plenty of options to create your outdoor wedding, including tables, chairs, and tents. 

Intermingle fairy lights inside the tent along with your wedding flowers to create your own personal wedding venue both within the tent and in the surrounding areas.

Couples that opt for outdoor weddings have loved the whimsical ambiance that can be achieved through unique flower trends such as bold wedding arches and flower-lined wedding aisles for the ceremony site. Group seating clusters with a few chairs, hay bales covered with blankets to match your wedding colors, and small side tables with flowers and candles allow guests to spread out while socializing and create a relaxed outdoor vibe. A floral wall constructed with your floral theme featuring your last name or initials is a great modern wedding trend that allows your guests to pose for selfies, tag your wedding on social media, and create great lasting memories. It’s sort of like a red carpet stop for your wedding guests.

What are the New Wedding Flower Decoration Trends?

Flower trends for wedding ceremonies have stepped away from simple altar flowers and bows hanging along the chairs lining the aisle. Instead, this season is featuring more wedding aisle flower decorations that really brighten up the ambiance of your ceremony to create a naturally elegant environment. You can choose to embrace this trend by incorporating brightly colored flower petals lining the aisle with interspersed candles or twinkle lights. Feature elegantly adorned archways and arbors at the front and back of the ceremony site with natural greens and monochromatic color schemes. Consider placing full-size plants and flowers along the aisle to create a garden-like feel, or hang floral arrangements on chair backings. All of these options are ideal for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, no matter your wedding color scheme or theme.

What is Trending for Weddings 2021?

The uncertainty over the past year has really made brides and grooms rethink what they envision for their wedding day. More couples are taking more time to choose wedding flowers, decorations, and the type of celebrations they want that truly reflect who they are as a couple and showcasing their style through their own unique love story. This year’s wedding trends are allowing couples to break from standard wedding trends, making it far more acceptable, and more fun, to exert some creative freedom with wedding location, decorations, flowers, ceremonies, food, and more. After all of the restrictions put in place during the pandemic, everyone is ready to let loose and express themselves through their own personal visions and interpretations of what they want their wedding to be. The name of the game is individuality. The best thing about wedding trends for 2021 is the realization that wedding styles are all about individual interpretations and more room for creativity when it comes to wedding decor and ambiance.