50 of the Best Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

50 of the Best Valentine’s Day 2020 Ideas for Him

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner (and on a Friday to boot!), it’s time to start planning how you’ll celebrate your loved one. Of course, you always have the option to give a beautiful bouquet of long stem roses, but sometimes the occasion calls for even more. Luckily, we compiled 50 of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for him (use the links below to get the list perfect for you).

  • First Valentine’s Day Ideas

  • Cute Valentines Day Ideas for the Budding Relationship

  • Romantic Valentine’s Day Experiences

  • DIY or Homemade Valentine’s Day Projects

  • Long-Distance Valentine’s Ideas

First Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

Firsts are always tough and your first Valentine’s Day adds a whole new level of stress. Here are 10 first Valentine’s Day ideas and gifts for him.


1. Gift Him His Favorite Foods

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! His favorite foods are the perfect choices for a first Valentine’s Day gift. Shop, cook, order or pick up his favorite foods, then wrap or top with a bow. Easy as pie!

2. Visit a Local Aquarium

Cue Sebastian the crab to prompt a “kiss the girl” moment under the sea! Little Mermaid references aside, take a romantic stroll through the local aquarium. This is a stress-free, low-key valentine’s day idea for him and you.

3. Play Truth or Dare

Playing truth and dare might seem childish at first, but this is actually a great game to get to know your partner. Ask questions you might have always been afraid to ask or dare each other to be better versions of yourselves. Take your budding relationship to the next level with an idea like this.

4. Fondue Date Night

An interactive fondue date night is a solid first Valentine’s Day idea for him when you’re afraid of running out of things to say. When all else fails, comment on your fruit dipping fails! His laughs will give way to easy conversation.

5. Romantic Rooftop Date

An oldie but goodie, plan a romantic rooftop date for two at a nice restaurant. This is a wonderful Valentine’s Day idea as long as you plan everything yourself. The magic of this idea is that it takes the pressure off him and gives you the control you crave to plan the perfect night.

6. Balloon Bouquet

If a floral bouquet (like this Forever Your Favorite Bouquet) isn’t the right fit, go with balloons! A balloon bouquet is the right Valentine’s Day gift for him when you want to make a big public statement that he’s your man. Pick him up at work with balloons is tow — it will definitely garner some giggles and he’ll be flattered that you made such a fuss about him.

7. Plan a Picnic

Another winner no matter what, plan a romantic afternoon picnic or night under the stars. Pack easy to eat foods (like a meat and cheese basket), your favorite beverages and just enjoy each other’s company. You could even spice it up with some music or board games if you want to go the extra mile.

8. Gift a Gadget

Your first Valentine’s Day as a couple can be nerve-wracking, especially if you haven’t been dating long or you’re still getting to know each other. If the guy loves tech, though, you’ll know very early on. This is why gifting a gadget is a safe first Valentine’s gift for him.

9. Have a Favorite Take-out Contest

You read that right! A favorite take-out contest involves you each ordering the take-out meal of your choice, splitting the food and deciding who picked the best meal. The loser buys drinks or dessert!


10. Show Each Other Your Favorite City Spots

This is a great way to foster meaningful conversation and enjoy each other’s interests. Show each other your favorite city spots. This could mean your favorite restaurants, clubs, bars, arcades, parks or even bowling alleys. Make this adventure yours!

Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Budding Relationship

You have a budding relationship that will bloom into a long-lasting love. Here are a few cute Valentine’s Day ideas to deepen your bond and how you feel about one another.

11. Home Relaxation Sessions

Pamper your loved one with a home relaxation session. Set up a pedicure station with a spa gift basket in your bathroom by pushing a chair up to the tub for a foot soak and give a little shoulder massage. If a pedicure is a bit too much, enjoy a nice bottle of wine on the couch with a movie. Simple and relaxing!

12. A Heart-y Breakfast

A cute Valentine’s Day idea for him is a hearty breakfast, especially if it’s served in bed! Wake him up with coffee, toast, eggs and maybe an omelet or pancakes! A heart-y breakfast and full belly means a full heart. Perfect for V-Day!


13. A Progressive Dinner

A progressive dinner involves the three courses (appetizer, dinner and dessert) at three different restaurants. This Valentine’s Day, take him on a surprise tour of his favorite restaurants. HINT: Don’t tell him the plan until after the appetizer course!

14. Try a Wine and Painting Class

Cliché or classic? It doesn’t matter either way, it’s still a great way to bond, express yourself and bring home a memento. Try a wine and painting class for a classic and cute Valentine’s Day idea for him.


15. Go Dancing or Take a Private Dance Class

Get closer by taking a private dance class or hit the town on a dance-dance marathon. It’s a cute Valentine’s Day idea where you allow him to lead and take charge. It’s also just super fun to bond over your smooth or ridiculous dance moves!

16. Attend a Cooking Class

Learn something new together at a cooking class. This is a cute Valentine’s Day idea to tap into his roots. Sign up for a class that links back to his heritage! It’s a personal gesture to show him that you care. Japanese, Italian, Thai and Cajun are just a few options to choose as there is a cooking class for everyone and every level.

17. Go Go-karting

Is he competitive? Are you? Then a go-karting V-day date is the way to go. Gift him a race around the track, let the smack talk ensue and the winner buys dinner. No matter who wins, you are both winners with this super cute Valentine’s Day gift idea.

18. Share Old Photos and Childhood Memories

Connect on a new level by going through old photos together. You may just find that reminiscing will create a memorable day for years to come and strengthen your relationship.

19. Try Each Other’s Favorite Hobby

Step into each other’s shoes by doing your favorite hobbies together. Pick a day where half the day you try his hobby and the other half have him try yours. Don’t have any hobbies? Binge-watch his favorite show and then yours together!

20. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Let your love soar with a hot air balloon ride! This is a cute date idea for him to fly high above the clouds and for you to experience something new together, not to mention it’s a super romantic activity!

Romantic Valentine’s Day Experiences for Him

Is your man hard to shop for? Instead of dinner and a movie, give him an experience he’ll never forget. Here are the most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas and experiences for him.

21. Brewmaster for a Day

Let him be a brewmaster for a day and sign up for a local brewery tour. You’ll be guided through the barrels and shown the brewing process, plus you’ll get to sample the brews.

22. The Ultimate Sports Experience

A classic dude activity, give him the ultimate sports experience. Tickets to his beloved sporting event (football, hockey, basketball or baseball), merch, homemade drink and food coupons with cash — the whole nine yards for your man. HINT: If his favorite sport isn’t in season, get tickets for the future!


23. See a Comedy Show

Reveal his fuzzy feelings for you by unleashing the laughter! Some might not consider this a romantic Valentine’s Day experience, but he’ll be so grateful for the laughs.

24. Play a Round at the Golf Course

Sign him up for a round of golf or even a lesson with a pro! If you choose to hit the course, make it a competition or be his caddy and drive the golf cart. It will mean a lot to him that you support his interests and it’ll be a romantic Valentine’s Day experience for you both.

25. Flying Lessons

Is he adventurous? Consider buying him flying lessons this V-day. While you won’t be able to go into the air with him, you’ll give him a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

26. Car Racing Lessons

Flying lessons not for him? Car racing lessons are a great Valentine’s Day gift for him if he loves NASCAR or had big race car dreams as a kid. Be his pit crew for a day and watch his dream come true.

27. Zipline Adventure

This is an exhilarating and romantic Valentine’s Day idea for him that the two of you can partake in. Zip across valleys, tree-tops, lakes and more. You can even book a destination adventure if you want to go all out.

28. Fly Fishing Trip

Is he the outdoorsy type? A fly fishing trip might just be the most romantic gift to give this Valentine’s Day. Organize a surprise trip with his friends or schedule a tour. You might even get some fresh fish out of it!

29. Indoor Skydiving

Thrilling yet safe, indoor skydiving will get his blood pumping! Indoor skydiving is a great workout and sport that will give him the feeling that he is flying. Have him fall in love with you all over again with this not so romantic activity but very romantic gesture.


30. Sailing or Harbor Cruise

Romantic at its core, go sailing or book a harbor cruise this Valentine’s Day. Just picture you both on the water, under the stars and snuggling close! Just don’t forget the seasickness medicine! That’s not a good look on anybody.

DIY or Homemade Valentine’s Day Projects for Him

It’s the thought and the effort that counts. Here are 10 DIY or homemade Valentine’s Day ideas for him for when you want to show him just how much you care.

31. Love Jar

A love jar is to remind him of all the reasons you love him. Take a mason jar or mug, and on little pieces of paper, write the reasons why you love him. Fill and decorate the jar so he’s constantly reminded of your love. A simple homemade Valentine’s Day idea for him!

32. Flour (or Flower) Hearts

Remember that picnic idea for your first Valentine’s Day together? This is a great way to make it even more creative! Take a large piece of paper and cut out a large heart. On the path to the picnic spot, place the paper on the ground and dust flour over the cut out portion. Repeat to create a little trail of hearts in the grass. Indoors? Use real flower petals instead of flour.


33. Personalized Photo Frame

Frame a memory of your love with a personalized photo frame. Using a bit of spray paint, tape and supplies found at your local hobby store, you can create an easy DIY Valentine’s Day gift for him.

34. “Love Potion” Kits

Create a “love potion” kit that has all the things you need to create the perfect drink. Assemble your “bar box” with heart-shaped ice cube trays, mason jar glasses, V-Day themed straws and something to hold the supplies, like a wooden crate, tray or basket.

35. Love Note Clothespin Wreath

This is similar to the love jar but with a twist. The first step is to make a wreath using clothespins. This can be done using supplies from a local hobby store. Next, write notes to your man and include all the reasons you love him! Clip them to the clothespins and you’re ready to surprise him.

36. Valentine’s Day Advent Love Notes

Another love note and clothespin idea is a Valentine’s Day advent calendar. With a few supplies from the craft store, you can create 14 days of love. This advent calendar holds 14 days of love letters for him to open each day and read your heartfelt V-Day wishes!

37. Love Coupon Book

A homemade Valentine’s Day idea that he can enjoy all year, a love coupon book is a meaningful yet practical gift. This personalized book is filled with “coupons” he can redeem for items or services from you, like a relaxing back rub, home-cooked meal or day of compliments. Use our 30 printable love coupons as a start!


38. V-Day Cuddle Kit

A Valentine’s Day cuddle kit is a super easy and satisfying gift for him. All you need is a TV, blankets and as many pillows as you can find! Pile them up, make some hot cocoa and snuggle in with a good movie. This is a great idea for all the homebodies out there!

39. Handmade Pop-up Card

You could buy a pop-up card, but a handmade Valentine’s Day card means so much more. Customize your card with V-Day colors, photos of the two of you and a meaningful note! Make a pop-up card he will cherish!

40. Custom Beer Glass

A personalized beer glass is a Valentine’s gift for him you know he will use. You’ll need beer glasses, etching cream and a few other simple supplies. The end result is a thoughtful reminder of how much you love him every time he takes a sip.

Long Distance Valentine’s Ideas for Him

Long-distance relationships are hard, but with these creative gifts and ideas, you’ll feel even closer this February 14th.

41. Craft a Care Package

Craft a care package with 14 of his favorite things. They don’t need to be expensive items, just meaningful. Include his favorite candy, movie, gift card to his favorite restaurant and more. With long-distance relationships, it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference.

42. A Watch to Count the Seconds

A simple long-distance Valentine’s Day idea for him is a watch. Gift your man a wristwatch or buy a matching set so you can count down the seconds until you are reunited.

43. A Love Map

Long-distance is tough, but think of all the adventures you’ve had, together and apart. Create a love map pinpointing your journey together and milestones in both of your lives. It will be a meaningful timeline for when you reunite.

44. Matching Luggage

Get matching luggage for your trips together and apart. Not only will it be super cute for when you visit, but it will be a reminder of your relationship when you’re on your separate adventures.


45. A Love Journal

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it can also make the mind forget. Gift him your love journal this Valentine’s Day to remind him about your love story and how much he means to you. From February 1st to the 14th, write an entry in the journal. This could include the first time you met, the moment you knew you loved him or even a list of songs that remind you of him.

46. A Heartfelt Video Note

This is a really good long-distance Valentine’s Day idea if you’re in different time zones. Send him a heartfelt video message that he can replay every time he misses you or is feeling lonely. Go even further and send one every day for 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

47. A Spotify Playlist

Everyone loves music, so send him a personalized Spotify playlist with your favorite songs, songs that remind you of him and podcast episodes that you’ve loved over the past year. He will not only get an audio representation of you but also talking points for those long-distance phone calls.

48. Virtual Dinner Date

Thank goodness for modern technology! Facetime and Google Hangouts have made it possible to have a dinner date even while miles apart. Cook at home or order take-out, prop up your phone on the table and call him. A simple and romantic long-distance Valentine’s Day idea!

49. Send Them Take-out

This is another idea for those long-distance couples in different time zones. Can’t facetime dinner? Then send him dinner by scheduling him take-out from his favorite, local (to him) restaurant. He will be impressed by your creativity and love the gesture!

50. Skip Valentine’s and Pick a Day of Your Own

It can be hard to spend any holiday apart, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. So don’t. Skip Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and declare another day your own personal Valentine’s Day. This is a long-distance Valentine’s Day idea for the couple who doesn’t care what anybody thinks!


Last but not least, send him flowers!

Gender norms are a thing of the past, so flatter your man with an arrangement that will remind him of you. FTD offers Valentine’s Day flowersplants and gift baskets to satisfy all tastes! Check out the FTD Valentine’s Day collection for more.