Easter Gift Guide

Gifts to Send for Easter this Year

Each year on the first Sunday following the full moon after the spring equinox Christians and many other Americans wake up and celebrate Easter Sunday. The holiday’s fascinating and mysterious roots in pagan times helped shape the many traditions we know today. Most major holidays have an ancient connection to the seasons and Easter is no exception. The spring equinox marks the time of year when we emerge out of winter and the days start getting longer and brighter making it a perfect symbol of hope and rebirth.

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Kids

The Sweet & Simple Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Kids

Although Valentine’s Day has traditionally been all about romantic love since its mysterious creation in the 5th century, that outdated ideal is changing more and more each year. Life is crazy and time flies, so why not celebrate love in all its beautiful forms this Valentine’s Day? Beyond sending fun gifts to your family or celebrating Galentine’s day with the girls, why not bring your child in on the festivities as well? read more

Valentines Day Gifts For Everyone

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

It’s no secret that the teen years are very formative for many young people. For me, the memories of being 14 years old are still very fresh in my mind, including one particular incident that occurred on a certain holiday halfway through February. For Valentine’s Day at my school, you could send candy and flowers to your fellow classmates throughout the day, something that you likely did as a kid, as well.  read more

Valentines Gifts by Personality

Valentine’s Day Gifts by Personality Type

Show your Valentine how much you “get” who they are by sending them a Valentine’s Day gift based on their own unique personality. Based on a psychological personality test known as the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, one can discover which common personality traits a person most embodies. read more

Wreath Giveaway

Everything You Need to Know About Our 12 Days of Gifting Sweepstakes

The holiday season is here, and we’re giving away 12 gorgeous holiday flower arrangements (one each day to a randomly selected winner from December 1st through December 12th) to our customers to help spread the spirit of the season. These beautiful bouquets & gifts are the perfect way to add a splash of color & the comforting smells of flowers to your home this year. Floral arrangements also make great gifts to send to your friends, family & loved ones to let them know you’re thinking of them during the holidays. read more

FTD Giftaway Bouquet

FTD’s Thanks & Giving Giftaway

This season is all about giving. After all of the tough times, 2020 has thrown our way, we want to bring some joy to you and one of your loved ones in time for Thanksgiving. In the spirit of giving, we’re giving away a bouquet for you to win and a bouquet to gift to someone you care about. While many of us may not be able to gather with our friends and family this Thanksgiving, we want to help you remind them how grateful you are. A bouquet or centerpiece designed by a local florist makes giving more meaningful this holiday season. read more

The Perfect 2020 Holiday Gift

Send Your Loved Ones a Piece of Home This Holiday

In any other year, right now we’d be checking our flight itineraries and planning road trips to hometowns. But, just like the rest of 2021, this holiday season is anything but ordinary, and many of us are reimagining what our festivities will look like—and that may mean staying home. read more

Beautiful Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpiece

What to Consider When Sending the Perfect Thanksgiving Flowers

There are certain flowers we automatically associate with a particular holiday (like red roses for Valentine’s Day or poinsettias for Christmas). But what about Thanksgiving? You likely think of centerpieces in bright autumnal hues, but did you know there are special reasons we traditionally use particular flowers at Thanksgiving? Here’s what goes into the perfect Thanksgiving arrangement. read more