5 Bridal Bouquet Flowers for a Spectacular Summer Wedding


One of the greatest charms of a summer wedding is carrying those fresh blooms and walking down the aisle. But selecting which ones make it to the D-day depends on different factors. Your choice for summer flowers might rely on if or not you are planning a traditional ceremony or a little more fancy and mid-size. Likewise, are you walking down the aisle at one of those magical destinations or hosting a little party in your backyard? Whatever your ceremony looks like, you’d want to ensure you carry the best bridal bouquet flowers that gels well with your dress and the overall wedding theme. As your florist, we’ve been checking out some of the most sought-after trends. It’s time to give you all the tea.

Top Flowers for a Summer Bridal Bouquet

Depending upon the type of wedding you plan, here are our top 5 recommendations.

Celebrate at the Edge of a Breathtaking View

Thanks to the end of endless lockdowns, to-be brides and grooms can finally think about destination weddings again. With that in mind, tropical wedding bouquets are walking the ramp again. These brightly colored blooms capture the essence of a destination wedding in the true sense.


If you want to take the hues a notch higher, then the bromeliads are our personal favorite. But you can also make a statement with either Orchids or Birds of Paradise as your bridal bouquet flowers. These bright flowers will steal the limelight and be a standalone décor element when you want them to.


Pro-tip: Make sure to pre-arrange a florist or have your bouquet organized well in advance for a destination wedding. Think about what’s the season’s best bloom and if that will go with the overall wedding theme.

Find Happiness in the Little Details

If you ain’t someone who’d sit through all the traditional wedding ceremonies and want things tight and chic, you are probably into micro weddings. Wedding planners have recently seen an uptick in boutique or micro weddings, especially while and after the pandemic. But downplaying a few celebrations does not mean you walk with a boring bridal bouquet. There are several subtle options that can suit your style, and to think of one Sea Lavender perfectly does the trick. Small and versatile, these wild blooms come in various colors and styles and are perfect for bridal bouquet flowers.


Want more options? King Proteas or Pincushion Protea are some blooms with a contemporary feel for minimalist brides wanting to reflect the simplicity of a micro wedding with a wedding bouquet.

Enjoy Some All-Time Favorites

Sure, we’re seeing a lot of emerging bridal bouquet trends. But traditional flowers remain at the top of everyone’s list. There isn’t anything more romantic than walking down the aisle with a breathtaking bunch of simple and elegant roses. With their sweet smell, high petal count and a textured look, these are brides’ all-time favorites, especially during this time of the year. You can pair roses with some Silver dollar eucalyptus. While not originally a flower, eucalyptus has become an ongoing trend amongst to-be brides. These green sprigs come in different shades and styles, and because of their metallic sheen they add vibrance and texture are widely used to accessorize any floral arrangement.


Pro-tip: Since Eucalyptus is easy to dry and maintain, a lot of people use them as dry flowers for wedding décor. Another emerging trend worth mentioning!

Too Shy to Experiment

Hesitant to try out something different? That’s fine too. Because it only makes sense to carry something you are confident about. And if that’s the case, then you cannot go wrong with a bunch of beautiful peonies. If white roses bouquets are not your thing, then substituting them for peonies works just fine. Besides, peonies give a classic summer wedding vibe. Come summer and as florists, we can’t help recommending these blooms with their billowing petals and fresh scent. Insider’s tip: Unlike hybrid roses that are cost-effective and readily available, peonies are only in season for a few short summer weeks. Their season typically lasts from the late spring through midsummer, so wedding florists prefer to get them during that time.


Another wedding staple that you can safely rely on is Hydrangeas. Weddings and hydrangeas are a thing together. Besides a bridal bouquet, you can use them for wedding flower décor or even on your cake. Hydrangeas carry an elegant and beautiful vibe, so choose to use them sparingly or as make them the theme for the entire wedding reception. These blooms will not turn you down.

Go Local

From sustainable wedding décor to going local, to-be couples are getting extremely creative nowadays. Having said that, many brides are ditching common wedding flowers such as daisies and moving towards other options.


Sweet peas have delicate petals and are soft and elegant. These tender blooms come in various colors and are perfect for a wedding bouquet. Couples with intimate or micro weddings on the cards choose them over other options because they do not scream an overstated style.

Get Your Dream Blooms with FTD


A well-planned wedding gives you a lifetime of memories to cherish forever. That is why it’s important to choose the right kind of flowers and florist for your summer wedding.

Look for a florist who understands your needs and helps you put a perfect bouquet together. FTD brings you a variety of options to choose from. As your local florist, we’ve got the best blooms for the season that would fit right in your floral budget.

So while you prepare for the occasion itself, let us help you make the most out of it by delivering you your dream blooms.