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Low Maintenance Plants Make Great Gifts

Plants Make Great Gifts

FTD has the perfect collection for just about anyone: low maintenance plants include succulents, air plants, terrariums, tillandsias or bamboo plant for delivery. You read that right - no green thumb is required to keep these plants happy!

What are Air Plants?

Air plants are low maintenance and make the perfect companion for a desk, home or bedroom! While their true name is Tillandsia, they are commonly called Air Plants because most of their nutrients come from the air around it. This nickname means they are not only easy to care for, but their bright greens add some freshness to any room!

What are Succulents?

These little plants may be very popular right now, but many people are still asking “What even is a succulent?” Succulents are little groupings of amazing plants that store water in their thick and fleshy leaves.  They tend to survive in dry climates and don’t like humidity. The care for succulents is fairly easy, and proper water can bring beautiful flowering to these unique plants!   Regardless of who you're shopping for - friends, family members or even yourself - you'll find the perfect low maintenance plant from our impressive selection of succulents and air plants online. Order succulents online for delivery to your home, office, or straight to your recipient. Whether you choose a charming succulent garden, whimsical air plant or modern terrarium, the recipient will be thrilled to add some greenery to their life. Shopping for succulents delivery are a delightful way to surprise your loved ones!