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Peace Lilies

Spathiphyllum plants (also known as peace lilies) boast a classic appearance with creamy, white flowers set on the backdrop of glossy, rich, green foliage. FTD has an elegant selection of spathiphyllum plants for sale in charming baskets and containers.  This, in combination with the plant’s simple and clean look, makes it a versatile option for events and decor.

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Providing peace in challenging times

When someone we care about is affected by loss - whether a job, relationship or loved one - we can often feel lost for words. Deep in meaning, send them a heartfelt message of sympathy and hope by having a beautiful spathiphyllum plant delivered directly to their home or office.

Breath Easy with Spathiphyllum Plants

In general, potted plants in your living spaces have a variety of benefits. Incorporate a spathiphyllum plant, and you take things to the next level. In NASA’s Clean Air Study, they have one of the top removal rates of toxins from indoor air. Additionally, according to Feng Shui, they are known to harmonize and calm the energy of your surroundings. Order a spathiphyllum plant online today and bring peaceful vibes to your favorite reading nook or meditation room.

Spathiphyllum Plants are Easy to Care For

The spathiphyllum plant requires minimal care - ideal for the not-so-green thumb or person always on the go. Although you can pretty much place it anywhere and be good to go, the sweet spot for optimal growth is the combination of a light, even watering a few times a week and bright, indirect light. Add some humidity into the mix, and that baby will thrive! It should be noted that drainage is key for spathiphyllum plants - so be sure to not overwater and that the pot has a hole in the bottom.   Another bonus - spathiphyllum plants need minimal pruning. The typical length of the flower’s cycle is about one month when they will turn brown and fade. At this time, you can deadhead or cut the entire stem at the base to allow the plant to bloom again.   Follow these low-maintenance tips and enjoy your vibrant spathiphyllum plant for years to come!