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Sympathy Gift Baskets

Sympathy gift baskets serve as great condolence gifts for those grieving. At FTD, we have a variety of bereavement baskets to send to the family and friends of the departed.
What do you give as a sympathy gift? A gourmet food basket is a great sympathy gift. When someone is working to overcome a loss, they might forget to eat or they might be so busy making funeral arrangements that they don’t have time to supply their home with ample food. Grief also causes a great deal of stress on the body. FTD offers a variety of nice gift baskets that can help alleviate those problems facing mourners. Our fruit baskets provide much-needed nutrients to the bereaved, while our gourmet food and chocolate baskets provide nourishing comfort food that may temporarily give warm feelings and energy to grieving persons. Our sympathy gifts are suitable for the loss of a mother, father, husband, wife, sibling, co-worker, or any familiar relationship. An FTD gift basket makes for a perfect supplement to our flowers. So does a remembrance gift. Our remembrance gifts consist of decorative vases that hold sympathy flowers, plants, and topiary. The vases are heartfelt mementos that can be displayed around the home long after the funeral. We also deliver floral arrangements in lovely decorative baskets. Some of our charming arrangements include the Heartfelt Condolences™ Arrangement or the Gentle Blossoms™ Basket. Baskets add a homely touch to any floral arrangement. What do you write in a sympathy card? Writing a sympathy card can be a challenge. An understated card may come across as unempathetic, while an overstated card may come across as phony; it can be difficult to find the right balance. Read our guide on writing sympathy cards to find the best way to express your best wishes and sympathy. Are these sympathy gifts suitable for the loss of a pet? Our sympathy gifts are absolutely suitable for the loss of a pet! Although the loss of a human soul is often more grievous than that of an animal, our beloved pets often become true members of our family. For that reason, the loss of a pet should be treated with the same genuine and heartfelt sympathy. Our sweet sympathy gifts are not too lavish for expressing remembrance of a family animal.