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 The best way to celebrate Easter is by getting together with your friends and family. Whether you’re the one hosting the festivities or just a guest to the celebration, we have a wonderful selection of centerpieces to decorate their home for the holiday. Each arrangement is handcrafted to complement the sweet pastels and soft shades that are so prevalent during this season. Even with other accents, like colored eggs, delightful peeps and plush bunnies, our Easter centerpieces are sure to stand out!   While we know that everyone wants to be with their favorite people on Easter, it can be hard to make it to the celebration. With Easter centerpieces delivered, FTD makes it easy to be a part of their gathering. There are plenty of gorgeous centerpieces that can be sent to any location. And with Easter centerpieces online, we made sending special gifts so much simpler. No more running around to stores, and adding tons of different errands to a busy time! FTD has all the Easter offerings available for your recipients in one easy, convenient place.   Gorgeous centerpieces make every celebration more gorgeous. With a combination of stunning flowers found through the season, like tulips, lilies, hydrangeas and more, our centerpieces can be enjoyed even after the holiday is over. They make gathering all the more special and tie in the décor of the room. Fresh and bright flowers also add pops of color to anywhere they’re placed, whether that be a home or celebration elsewhere.   When you shop for centerpieces from FTD, you always get unique and one of a kind arrangements. We work with local florists in your communities, so they arrive handcrafted and hand delivered for your loved ones. This Easter, make your shopping simple and shop for all your Easter centerpieces delivered from FTD!