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Pink & Purple Flowers

The many shades of pink and purple share a gorgeous message of admiration and love in bloom. From a regal violet to sweet and soothing lavender hues, shop our collection of pink and purple bouquets.

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Gorgeous Purple Flowers for Delivery

A color as beautiful as purple is a wonderful choice to delight loved ones. Countless blooms come in mesmerizing shades of purple, which are perfect to share any message in bloom. Violet hues are regal and mysterious, adding depth to any purple flower arrangements. For a softer, soothing bouquet, geranium and lilac capture the essence of a relaxing lavender shade. The variety of purple shades boost moods to create a calming presence and stimulate creativity. Though it is a rare floral color occurring in nature, purple flowers are abundant and beautiful. You can find this majestic tint in roses, irises, larkspurs, and orchids, to name a few!

Purple flowers are mesmerizing, especially when different hues are combined in one bouquet. The meaning of purple is commonly associated with royalty, luxury, wisdom, and creativity. And rightly so! Our purple flower bouquets for delivery are designed to highlight the wonderful beauty of each bloom, even when used as an accent flower.

Purple Flower Bouquets for Friends and Family

A gift of our purple flowers is the perfect way to surprise your friends and family. Purple orchids are great to celebrate birthdays or to send as a just because gift. They'll be able to enjoy this refined plant for years to come. Lavender roses are a unique and unexpected pick to share your love. Our deep iris blooms not only elevate the bouquet they're placed in, but create an eye-catching design that is perfect for a get well soon gift. The combination of light and dark hues of purple creates a dramatic effect on the bouquet it's placed in.

What Does It Mean When You Get Purple Flowers?

What does it mean to receive a purple flower delivery? Sometimes, it depends on the occasion. For instance, if purple is a person’s favorite shade, it’s an excellent choice for a birthday flowers delivery. A purple flowers delivery symbolizes success. Send purple flowers to someone celebrating a new job or promotion. The lavender plant possesses soothing qualities, which is why it’s so often used in herbal calming remedies and in spa treatments. With a light purple flowers delivery, you are sending the recipient feelings of peace and wellness. That’s why such blooms are a good choice for someone feeling under the weather or down in the dumps. Receiving purple flowers should boost their mood.

Perhaps purple flowers aren’t the first blooms that come to mind for a funeral flowers delivery or a sympathy flowers delivery. However, that all depends on the nature of the deceased and their loved ones. Many people don’t want a gloomy funeral – they or their family prefer a celebration of their life. If that’s the case, sending purple bouquet flowers is absolutely appropriate. It’s also fine to include purple accent flowers in a funeral arrangement. Since purple flowers symbolize admiration, it’s a way of showing your respect for the deceased. There is a spiritual aspect to purple flowers that is similarly apropos in these situations.

Of course, since purple flowers represent royalty, send them to the queen or princess in your life. That might be your spouse, fiancé, daughter, sister, or mom. Every woman deserves to be Queen for a Day, whether that’s on her birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, or some other special celebration. Choose purple flowers for specific wedding anniversaries. Asters are the 20th wedding anniversary flower, and they are available in purple. The 25th wedding anniversary bloom is the gorgeous purple iris.

Send Purple Flowers & Bouquets

We make sending your family and friends beautiful bouquets easy with our purple flower delivery. Our local community florists design and deliver our flowers with care. Every detail is carefully crafted and perfectly placed, ensuring that your bouquet is fresher, more beautiful and lasts longer. Even if your order is last minute, our floral artisans make your surprise possible with same day flower delivery.

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