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Shop Flowers by Color from FTD Color their life with a vibrant bouquet in a bold and beautiful shade. With even gorgeous hue in the rainbow offered though our flowers by color collections, pick a bouquet that expresses what you’re feeling. While each flower can share a unique and heartfelt message, the color of those blooms is just as important! Our color collection is designed to make sure your messages are crafted with personalized and attention to detail. When sending a gift to your dear friend, yellow may be the most appropriate choice, as it symbolizes friendship. Red Blooms are almost always associated with conveying passion and love, while pink flowers carry a lighter message of appreciation. To symbolize innocence and purity, white flowers are your go-to. Purple captures a more regal and elegant message in bloom, and orange is a perfect pick when you want to share desire and confidence.   Bouquets by Color More recently, color theory has become very prominent. The perfect way to tailor their gift is to share a bouquet that features the emotions you want to send. Choose one of our mixed color bouquets to capture a variety of feelings. Many of our mixed color arrangements feature shades that not only complement each other aesthetically, but carrying meaningful messages when paired together.