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Easter Daisies Delivery

Easter daisies are the perfect way to welcome spring and celebrate Easter. Use FTD to send a vibrant daisy bouquet to friends or loved ones. Better yet, order a fresh daisy arrangement to brighten up your own home!

Easter Daises FAQs

What do Easter daisies symbolize?

Celebrate the many beauties of Spring with Easter flowers from FTD. Some of our most popular arrangements are brimming with sweet-smelling daisies. These cheerful blooms brighten up any room and are thought to symbolize innocence, loyalty, and purity.

Daisies have different meanings depending on the culture and their religious beliefs. Easter daisies can also represent beauty, fertility, motherhood, and fresh beginnings. The Old English name of daisy literally translates to “day’s eye.” This meaning is particularly apt since daisies typically close their petals at night and open them again at dawn. Interestingly enough, the daisy is also the April birth month flower, which makes a daisy flower bouquet an excellent fit for Easter festivities.

What flowers go well with Easter daisies?

While Easter daisies are pretty on their own, adding in some other flowers can really complement their beauty and make for a stunning arrangement. Some flowers that go well with daisies include:

If you want a fresh daisy bouquet for Easter same day delivery, then FTD is here to help. Our online collection includes daisy flower arrangements that will make your heart melt.

What color daisies are there?

While the classic daisy that you may see in your local park has white petals and a yellow center, daisies actually come in many different colors and varieties. English daisies, otherwise known as common daisies, and gerbera daisies are among the most popular varieties of the flower. The latter comes in a wide variety of bright colors that make great addition to fresh bouquets and daisy arrangements. Our collection includes white Easter daisies, red daisies, pink daisies, and more! Whatever their color, daisies truly capture the essence of springtime, and go exceptionally well when paired with one of our Easter baskets.

Do Easter daisies pair well with roses?

Of course! Both roses and daisies are very versatile flowers that can work extremely well together. Many daisy flower arrangements include roses, which add a bold but delicate touch to any collection of Easter flowers. In fact, you'll find pink roses, yellow roses, orange roses, or white roses in many of the daisy arrangements we offer online. The look and fragrance of Easter roses and daisies together is more than enough to freshen up any living space.

How to keep Easter daisies fresh?

Follow these tips to keep your Easter daisies looking sprightly and fresh for up to 7 days:

  • Fill the vase 2/3 with tepid water

  • Change the water out every other day

  • Cut 3/4 inch off the stems during water changes for better absorption

  • Remove any leaves or petals that dropped into the water

  • Keep your flower bouquet out of direct sunlight

Fun facts about Easter daisies

Daisies are related to dandelions, sunflowers, chicories, and other members of the aster family, the world’s largest family of flowering plants. They are characterized by a round center that is surrounded by flat, ray-shaped petals.

Daisies are originally native to Asia and Europe, and were later introduced to North America and other countries. Today, you can find these cheerful flowers thriving on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica.

Daisies are actually comprised of two kinds of flowers: disc and ray flowers. The disc flowers make up the eye of the daisy, and the ray flowers are the petals.

Send Easter Daisies with FTD

Whether you’re looking to send a bouquet of fresh white daisies, or one of our special Easter gift baskets, you’ll find exactly what you need at FTD.

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