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Thanksgiving Floral Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is approaching, and if you're hosting or attending a feast this November, make sure to order Thanksgiving centerpieces online. Send them to loved ones, or adorn your own table with beautiful flowers your family and friends are sure to admire.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces FAQs

What is the traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece?

When decorating your holiday table for Thanksgiving, you want to be sure you are including traditional items. Things like a table runner, mini pumpkins, a glass vase full of Thanksgiving flowers and, of course, the cornucopia at the center — all make for the perfect Thanksgiving table display in your home.

Can I send Thanksgiving centerpieces?

Sending Thanksgiving centerpieces has never been easier. Our online ordering process is quick and easy so that you can place your order of centerpieces for the holiday, Thanksgiving baskets, and fall flowers & gifts — all of which will be delivered on time.

What are the most popular flowers for a Thanksgiving Centerpiece?

The most popular flowers have warm fall colors. Yellows, browns, reds, and oranges are perfect. They can be placed in a pumpkin vase, basket, or glass vase to really fit the mood of your home. A fruit-filled cornucopia is also a great addition to your Thanksgiving floral centerpiece. So, don't forget to include those cornucopia fruit baskets delivered right to your door.

What are some things that you can use as Thanksgiving centerpieces?

The great thing about Thanksgiving centerpieces is that you can be as creative as you want. A centerpiece on your formal dining table draws everything together — flowers, napkins, place settings and, of course, your loved ones — celebrating unity, gratitude, and a great meal. Many different bouquets and arrangements from FTD can be used as centerpieces, so keep the following in mind when planning your tablescape or centerpiece.

Wild Flowers in a Vase: There is something wild and beautiful about fall-colored flowers spilling out of a vase and used as a Thanksgiving centerpiece. The autumnal colors of orange, yellow, and gold will accentuate the palette of your table — order two or three to place on the table, the sideboard, or the living room.

Succulents: Succulents are a unique Thanksgiving plant centerpiece option — especially if you live in the Southwest! They come in an amazing array of shapes, colors, and sizes. A tray filled with them would make a stunning unusual centerpiece.

Can you use food as a Thanksgiving centerpiece?

The original symbol of the Thanksgiving centerpiece is the cornucopia. It overflows with an abundance of food from the garden. So, it makes perfect sense to use food as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. FTD has beautiful food-based Thanksgiving gift baskets that can be used as centerpieces. Our fruit baskets are loaded with luscious, seasonal fruit such as juicy apples, golden pears, and a whole host of delectable items to grace your table. Consider a centerpiece filled with chocolates and baked goods from our delectable gourmet gift baskets for a dessert table.

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