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Thanksgiving Flowers and Bouquets

When you think of Thanksgiving flowers, what comes to mind? Is it yellow roses, orange daisies, bright blooming sunflowers, red carnations, and green blooming plants? Yeah, us, too. Order stunning Thanksgiving floral arrangements that include all of those flowers to adorn your holiday table, use as Thanksgiving decorations around your home, and send to loved ones near and far.

Thanksgiving Flowers and Bouquets FAQs

What flowers are good for Thanksgiving?

If you’re looking to arrange a Thanksgiving flowers delivery for your loved ones near or far, there are plenty of beautiful fresh floral arrangements to choose from. Our top picks at FTD include lilies, carnations, sunflowers, or roses—ideally in a beautiful bright autumn color to add a touch of color to your loved one’s home. All of our bouquets are created by talented, local florists who use the freshest flowers to design arrangements that will add a smile to anyone’s Thanksgiving celebration! Best of all, it’s easy to order online, and we can arrange same day Thanksgiving delivery on most of our flowers and gifts to ensure they arrive in time for your celebration!

What are the best flowers to be used on Thanksgiving tables?

What is Thanksgiving without a fully decorated table? A Thanksgiving flower delivery from FTD makes decorating your dinner table quick and easy because all the hard work is done for you. We pick the best Thanksgiving flowers for delivery and combine them for you in a pumpkin vase, a basket, or a classic glass vase. Our Thanksgiving centerpieces will quickly become a staple for every turkey day to come.

What flowers symbolize gratitude?

Roses, tulips, daisies, hydrangeas, and even lilies symbolize gratitude, so lucky for you, FTD has all of those ready to be delivered to your home this holiday season! A bouquet of gratitude flowers makes a great pair with FTD’s Thanksgiving gift baskets that are full of treats and thoughtful gifts.

Can I get flowers delivered on Thanksgiving?

In order to check Thanksgiving flower delivery availability, enter in the delivery zip code and the specific date at the top of our website. Doing this will give you the most accurate results on what days you can have Thanksgiving plants, flowers, and fruit baskets delivered right to your door.

What colors should you choose when it comes to Thanksgiving flowers?

Fall colors take center stage when it comes to Thanksgiving décor. The colors of the leaves as they fall from the trees, the color of the harvest, and the color of sunsets is what helps create the unmistakable atmosphere of Thanksgiving.

Yellow: Choose yellow flowers to symbolize the spread of joy and happiness. This color is associated with cheer and good times, the exact note that you're trying to hit during the Thanksgiving season.

Orange: Orange is the color of excitement and enthusiasm. Orange flowers for Thanksgiving add the right intensely warm tone as families and friends get excited about getting together for good food, good games, and good cheer.

Purple: Purple is the color associated with tradition and admiration. Purple flowers will give off the vibe of celebrating old traditions or even creating new ones like “Friendsgiving.”

Green: The color green is associated with good health and good fortune, so make sure your Thanksgiving bouquet flowers are sprinkled with green leaves, green stems, and green blooms, highlighting the vibrancy of the fall season.

Pink is another color that can be associated with fall. It represents non-romantic friendship, perfect for sharing with besties and co-workers!

Can you send flowers as Thanksgiving centerpieces?

You can absolutely send flowers as centerpieces! This is an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate your host, thank them for their kindness and all of their hard work, and help them build up the décor of the Thanksgiving table. You can send huge, lavish centerpieces that go in the center of the main table, or you can send one of our smaller bouquets that will serve as a centerpiece for a dessert table or even a cocktail table. Centerpieces are an amazing way to send holiday flowers that will end up serving a dual purpose. At the end of the holiday, the centerpiece can remain in the center of the table, or it can be placed somewhere else in the home, a lasting sign of your love and gratitude. Send same day Thanksgiving gifts and flowers from FTD this holiday season, and treat your loved ones with a message of togetherness, gratitude, and friendship.