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Easter Lily Bouquets Delivery 2024

Easter lily bouquets are classic, fresh, and refined. Celebrate the day with a handcrafted bouquet or potted plant from a local florist. At FTD, our collection of Easter lily bouquets sends the perfect message. Order yours today for an on-time Easter delivery.

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History of Easter Lilies

The Easter lily, or Lilium longiflorum, originated in the Ryukyu Islands of southern Japan. Following World War I, a soldier brought an Easter lily bulb back to his Pacific Northwest hometown, where interest in the flower’s beauty and delicate fragrance soared. Today, a tiny coastal stretch between Oregon and Northern California produces more than 95 percent of all potted Easter lilies commercially sold. These sought-after flowers are challenging to grow and require meticulous care from field to market. Before being shipped out, the bulbs are kept under strict temperature restrictions to help ensure they bloom in time for Easter festivities.

Glorious Easter Lily Bouquets & Gift Baskets

Easter 2024 is fast approaching, but you still have plenty of time to send your special someone a bouquet of lovely white lilies, or one of our colorful Easter gift baskets brimming with sweet treats and freshly-cut blooms. We invite you to Shop All Flowers, and send the gift of happiness and joy this Easter.

Easter Lily FAQs

Why is the Lily Associated with Easter?

In Christian religions, lily flowers are a common motif that typically represent purity, whether that be within art or biblical verses. It’s said that lilies grew where Jesus’ sweat and tears fell to the ground during his crucifixion — hence their association with his rebirth on Easter. Apart from its religious roots, Easter lilies also gained their name from the season when they bloom. When the blossom was brought to the United States, florists in Philadelphia would only have them available to sell around the time of Easter celebrations. With the combined power of biblical references and increased production in the United States, lilies quickly became one of the most popular Easter flowers on the market!

What are Typical Easter Lily Prices?

Easter lilies are a unique flower — their large petals and long pistils give them a distinct look that floral lovers can’t get enough of. Because of their high demand, Easter lily arrangements typically range from $40 to $150. The best bouquets feature other smaller blooms like miniature Easter roses for contrast.

No matter your personal style, FTD has an Easter lily that will bring a smile to your face. With some of the lowest prices on the market, the quality of our blooms are second-to-none. This year, fill your Easter baskets with as many lilies as possible! Not to mention, we pride ourselves on a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love your blossoms, we’ll fix it in a flash. We also promise seven full days of freshness, so you can make the most out of your beautiful Easter lily arrangement.

How to Select and Display Easter Lilies?

Easter is celebrated with a magnificent selection of seasonal flowers used to adorn family tables, doorways, altars, public spaces and church entrances. Follow these tips for selecting and displaying these pretty Easter flowers:

  • Look for lilies that have mostly white buds since green buds can take 7 days to open.

  • Choose a plant with no yellowing leaves.

  • If the plant comes in a pot, make sure the soil is kept moist but not sodden.

  • Most Easter lily bouquets are shipped tight in the bud. If so, cut ½ inch from their stems, and place them in a vase of lukewarm water.

  • Potted lilies look beautiful surrounded by dark green paper or foil.

  • For an Easter lily centerpiece that demands attention, arrange your bouquet in a straight-sided vase. Then, pack the space around the stems with dyed and decorated Easter eggs that will help support the flowers.

Have Easter lily bouquets delivered the Monday before Easter Sunday to reap maximum enjoyment.

Can You Plant an Easter Lily Outdoors?

Unfortunately, our Easter lily bouquets are not able to be planted outside. We cut the flowers fresh for same-day delivery so you get to enjoy their elegant presence for as long as possible. Without a bulb or root network, your blooms won’t last long being planted in the garden. However, we do have several Easter plants that can be planted outside once you’re done enjoying them indoors! The Pure and Simple Gardenia Topiary would make a great addition to any garden and keep the spirit of Easter alive all year round.