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New Baby Gifts: Gift Baskets for Babies

Welcoming a new baby bundle of joy into the world is an exciting event that is a definite cause for celebration. Whether you’re becoming an aunt, uncle, grandmother, or godfather, you want to ensure the new baby and the proud parents are properly honored on their big day. Deliver all of the happiness and joy you feel to their front porch by choosing FTD for expert baby gift basket delivery!

Baby Gift Baskets FAQs

Don’t let the fear of not knowing what to send stop you from sending new baby gift baskets to the new parents in your life. FTD has done all the research and curation required to ensure that you are sending a worthwhile new baby gift basket that will thrill and delight the recipient parents when they receive it at their front door. Keep reading to see which newborn gift baskets and flowers will fit your needs best!

What items are included in these baby gift baskets?

We offer a number of different baby gift baskets that come with a variety of delicacies and baby toys. Our new baby gift baskets are carefully curated to cater to the needs of a newborn and the must-haves for new parents. Our Welcome Baby gift basket includes a cuddly plush giraffe toy, a pastel yellow 4-pc baby-care set, and a fun animal print baby blanket. Our Noah and the Ark Arrival baby gift basket includes five animal plush toys, yummy Circus animal cookies, pacifiers, and baby utensils.

What can you send someone after they have a baby?

After having a baby, the new parents’ life is turned upside down in new and ever-changing ways, so it is sometimes hard to know what exactly to send, when to send it, and if they will actually like it upon receiving it. That’s why FTD has a wide variety of new baby flowers, gift baskets, and teddy bear gifts for you to choose from. Or, if you have a very specific flower type or arrangement in mind, you can shop flowers by color, or go directly to the sunflower bouquets, rose bouquets, daisies bouquets, etc. to ensure you are getting exactly what you want for those special people in your life. Know that if you pick a new baby gift or floral arrangement by putting thought and love into it, you can’t go wrong.

What should I buy for a baby basket?

If you are trying to create your own baby basket for the new parents in your life, things you may want to include are baby wipes, diapers, and clothes. But since those are sometimes super specific to the baby in question, it is safer to go with something you know the parents will love, like chocolate covered strawberries, a fruit basket, or a savory meat and cheese basket to be enjoyed for days to come. Sweet and savory treats and thoughtful items are always a good choice when it comes to what to buy for a baby basket for the new parents in your life.