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There's nothing that signals Christmas and the winter holidays quite like a vibrant red poinsettia display. Enjoy the festive red and green of poinsettia Christmas centerpieces at your next holiday dinner with the family, or give a poinsettia as a gift to spread some holiday spirit. You can even order poinsettias online for quick delivery right before Christmas!

Poinsettia Centerpieces Help Mark the Holidays

Poinsettia centerpieces are great for Christmas dinners and holiday gatherings. Their festive red-on-green color scheme has traditionally been associated with Christmas, but it's not uncommon to see these colorful plants start popping up after Thanksgiving. While they're often used as decorations in communal buildings like churches or nursing homes, they also go well on a porch or front steps to greet visitors. Display some poinsettia baskets in a shop window, throughout a workspace, or in the entryway of your home to help usher in the holiday spirit throughout December!

Are Poinsettias Flowers?

Poinsettias look like radiant red flowers emerging in a starburst pattern from a bed of dark green leaves. For this reason, poinsettias are often referred to as flowers, but they are actually a kind of shrub. What appear to be thick, bright red petals fanning out above a base of dense green foliage are actually colored leaves called bracts. This means that poinsettia plants have the longevity and freshness of a houseplant with all the color and energy of fresh flowers.   The traditionally red leaves can also be found in other variations, including white, cream, and orange. Try alternating red and white poinsettia baskets for a bright and elegant holiday display.

Giving a Poinsettia as a Christmas Gift

Poinsettia gift baskets are a cheerful and convenient way to brighten up someone's day with a little holiday cheer. These sturdy plants typically have no smell and stay fresh for much longer than cut flowers, so the recipient can enjoy them throughout the holidays and even New Years.   Poinsettias should last through December with occasional watering. You may also lightly mist the leaves if you notice them beginning to wilt. Because they're potted plants and not harvested flowers, those willing to put in a little gardening work can keep poinsettias beyond the holiday season, and can see them rebloom the following year. (For more on taking care of these holiday plants year-round, read our poinsettia care guide.)

Poinsettia Delivery Just in Time for the Holidays  

FTD makes it easy to order poinsettias online and have them delivered straight to your door or to the address of your choice completely hassle-free. We offer a variety of holiday gift baskets and flower arrangements. Have a poinsettia delivered to a friend or loved one just in time to ring in the holiday season!