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Christmas Plants

Giving the gift of a Christmas plant is a merry way to brighten up someone’s day with the jolly décor of the holiday season. Send a bright red poinsettia, a festive wreath, a celebratory centerpiece, or a snowy white bouquet of flowers to anyone on your shopping list. Christmas plants are the perfect way to spread holiday cheer. FTD has beautiful potted plants and centerpieces that can add a festive touch to any room. Shop our selection of Christmas best-sellers including poinsettias, quirky mini Christmas trees, and more to send season’s greetings. When you order with us, you can rest assured that your loved one will receive their gift delivered in time for the holidays.

Christmas Plant FAQs

What Plant is Associated with Christmas?

With blushing crimson leaves against deep green foliage, Christmas poinsettias are most associated with the holidays. This tradition dates back to the 1600s when Franciscan priests in Southern Mexico used “Flores de Noche Buena” (Flowers of the Holy Night) in solemn processions to adorn nativity scenes. While the rich holiday color and blooming time made them the ideal choice for celebrations, the Aztecs had long regarded the plant they called “cuetlaxochitl” (kwet-la-sho-she) as a symbol of new life and purity. In 1827, poinsettia plants derived their common name and popularity in the United States from Joel Robert Poinsett--Smithsonian Founder, Congressman, and First Ambassador to Mexico.

Philanthropist Paul Ecke Jr. once sent free poinsettias to TV anchors and personalities from Johnny Carson to Bob Hope, and soon, the crimson blooms would become forever associated with holiday décor. So, if you have a loved one who appreciates the deep roots of history and tradition, there is no better Christmas plant for delivery than the vibrant poinsettia.

What is the Best Plant to Give for Christmas?

Christmas flower delivery is always welcome, but well-tended plants can last months or years rather than weeks. Therefore, the best plant to give depends on your recipient and their aesthetic. For the subtle decorator, the elegant candy cane amaryllis bulb garden makes a beautifully simple table display. Those who love extravagant seasonal decor will love our mini Christmas trees adorned with festive ornaments. If you’re going to send a Christmas plant to someone you miss, we recommend our luxurious Christmas floral centerpieces that are sure to make an impression. Or order one for yourself to really take your table setting to the next level.

What is a Good Plant for a Christmas Gift?

The poinsettia isn’t the only appropriate Christmas plant you can send this year. Plants with red or white blooms are most popular during the holiday season. Shop our wide selection of beautiful, long-lasting plants, including orchids, bonsais, mums, calla lilies, roses, and more. Winter plants may also include flowers in muted blues and light purples.

Can I Gift Outdoor Christmas Plants?

If you live in a climate that rarely dips below 50 degrees in the winter, you may consider gifting poinsettias as outdoor Christmas plants for the front porch. In colder climates, fresh pine wreaths can last up to eight weeks. Likewise, potted Christmas trees will transform the landscape into a winter wonderland, especially when decorated.

What Else Can I Send with a Christmas Plant?

Christmas plants are generous gifts, though you can always go the extra mile. Need to send Christmas corporate gifts? For a universal crowd pleaser, show your appreciation and kindness when you send Christmas gift baskets overflowing with goodies, fresh fruit, cheese, and charcuterie. A Christmas chocolate delivery always satisfies, whether buying for someone else or treating yourself after a long day of shopping.

What Plants Grow During Christmas Time?

Pansies, primroses, coneflowers, cypress trees, and holly bushes are popular plants in the winter. Eucalyptus, poinsettias, and spruce trees also thrive indoors during winter and are sure to last. Order your delivery today to make sure that your loved one can enjoy their gift all through the holiday season. And, if the inspiration strikes to send flowers on Christmas Day, we specialize in last-minute delivery!

How Do You Keep Christmas Plants Alive?

In general, our Christmas plants are fairly low maintenance. To keep them alive throughout the holiday season, make sure you keep them in moderate temperatures. If they get too hot or too cold, they can wilt. This means that you should keep them away from drafts. You’ll want to mist poinsettias daily to keep them hydrated. Potted Christmas trees, on the other hand, only require occasional water to keep the soil slightly moist. It’s important to keep poinsettias and eucalyptus out of reach of small children and animals so your loved ones stay safe.

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Holiday plants are the perfect way to keep the magic of the season alive in the home. When shopping Christmas plants for delivery, choose FTD for fast, fresh, reliable delivery and earn loyalty points so you can treat yourself. Shop all Christmas gifts at FTD.