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Memorial Plants

When someone close has suffered a loss, memorial plants can be an uplifting reminder of love and support in their time of need. More long lasting than funeral flowers, sympathy plants can be a continued symbol of new life while keeping a lost loved one in our hearts. Need to express your sympathies from a distance? Having memorial plants delivered is a sincere and heartfelt way to show your support.

Memorial Plants Bring Comfort in Times of Need

There is a profound comfort in nurturing a plant and watching it grow as time passes. Memorial plants offer some peace and solace as a reminder of a lost loved one while also lifting the mood of any room in which they're placed.   Most sympathy plants have vibrant green leaves, like those of dracaena, palm and pothos. These plants are great for adding some color and dimension to a bouquet of funeral flowers, and the recipient will be able to keep them growing and healthy long after the flowers wilt. Other types of memorial plants actually flower at certain points of the year, creating colorful celebrations of life. Common flowering funeral plants include philodendron plants, white kalanchoe, gardenias and azaleas.

Celebrate Life With a Memory Garden

Creating a personal memorial garden can also be a way to keep someone's memory alive. Tending to memorial plants and flowers in a private setting creates opportunities to remember and be comforted by signs of budding life all around. In addition to flowering plants like gardenias, azaleas and white peace lilies, a small outdoor bonsai tree (or a flowering bonsai plant for inside) helps cultivate a sense of peace, tranquility and harmony.   You may also consider the gift of a full-size memory tree for planting in a yard or in a public space like a park. Memory trees offer a specific place someone can visit to think about and remember a lost loved one while providing the joy of watching it grow from a sapling to beautiful, towering tree.

Have Memorial Plants Delivered to a Home or Service

We have both green and flowering memorial plants online and ready to ship when you need to offer condolences for a loss. Whether you're looking for something to express sympathy and comfort in the home in a time of need or you want to send flowers for a funeral, our local florists can have memorial plants delivered quickly and conveniently.