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Desk Plants

Lift your spirits at work by adding some greenery to the office. Studies have shown that having desktop plants at work improve both your mood and productivity. Whether it’s a festive fern or cute cactus, choose an office plant from FTD to make your workspace more cheerful and productive.

Office Plants Online with FTD

Bring the bright, natural beauty of the outdoors into your office by adding desktop plants to your décor. Office plants not only make the space look better, but have also shown to boost creativity in the workplace. As human beings, we naturally want to be connected to nature, plants, and the outdoors. Choosing lush, green office plants from FTD online to display around the office plants makes the workplace feel more like our natural outdoor environment instead of a dull, indoor building. When we feel more comfortable in our environment, it reduces stress and promotes a happier work environment. FTD offers a wide selection of office plants online that are sure to make any office a more attractive, happy place to work.

Desktop Plants for Any Office

While some of the appeal of adding desktop plants to the workspace may be the aesthetic beauty, office plants also make a positive physical impact. Many indoor plants improve air quality by removing toxins from the air which can make us sick. Green desktop plants can also make you feel more alert since they use up the carbon dioxide we breathe out and supply the room with more fresh oxygen.   When choosing a desktop plant for your office, you want something that will enhance the space without getting in the way of your papers or creating more work with plant maintenance. Here are some of FTD’s favorite desktop plants to enhance your creative workspace:
  • Bamboo- The sturdy bamboo plant is one that requires little maintenance and is associated with wealth and good luck: perfect for the office!
  • Succulents and cacti- Both succulents and cacti are great additions to any office desktop since they are compact, and require very little water or care.
  • Bonsai- This tiny, tropical tree requires little light and water, but makes a big visual impact with its unique shape.
  • Snake Plant- The tall spiky leaves that resemble a snake tongue grow straight upward, so they won’t spill all over your desk. Snake plants also thrive in low light, which makes them perfect for interior office spaces.
  • Golden Pathos- Their large, glossy leaves are hearty and beautiful, and do not require a lot of light to thrive.
  • Pink Prayer plant- The large green leaves have veins of pink throughout, which gives a little pop of color without falling flower petals.
  • Spider Plant- Great for purifying the air, the long fronds are easy to cut off and share with other friends in the office to have their own spider plant at their desk!

Desk Plants Delivered to Your Home or Office by FTD

Don’t wait to liven up your office with a desktop plant delivered by FTD as early as same or next day. FTD makes it easy to brighten up any space with the natural beauty of plants and flowers. Search through our online array for green and flowering office plants and choose the one that will make your workday more enjoyable. Simply select your preferred delivery date and location, and FTD will package and deliver your desk plant so it’s ready for display as soon as you open it!