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Sweetest Day Flowers, Plants & Gifts

Not limited to just romantic, Sweetest Day celebrates all of the versions of love we feel in our life. Treat your grandmother, a best friend or a co-worker that rocks it everyday! A one-stop shop for Sweetest Day gifts online, search FTD’s charming assortment of flowers, plants and gift baskets to show affection to your favorite people.

What is Sweetest Day?

Landing on the third Saturday in October, Sweetest Day is marked to show appreciation to our loved ones with meaningful sentiments. It was originally created by a candy confectioner from Cleveland, Ohio in 1921 to spread joy to the less fortunate with his sweet-treats. Catching on with other local candymakers, Sweetest Day soon became its own designated holiday. Still standing as a day of kindness, Sweetest Day has evolved into recognizing the people we care for not only with candies, but also flowers and other loving gestures. Surprise a special someone with a picnic in the park and one of FTD’s various Sweetest Day gifts delivered to their home or office.

Send all sorts of love with a bountiful bouquet or plentiful plant

If you are searching for Sweetest Day gifts for sale online that will delight someone without a sweet tooth or will elevate your box of chocolates, look no further than FTD’s stunning collection of flowers and plants. Depending on the color or variety, flowers and plants communicate a multitude of sincere love notes. Yellow articulates friendship, and shades of blue speak of loyalty. Meanwhile, orchids symbolize admiration and succulents embody timeless love. Convey your heartfelt Sweetest Day expressions with a radiant floral bouquet or make a lasting impression with a beautiful, abundant plant.

Shop our selection of Sweetest Day gifts and gift baskets online

From cake pops and cookies to chocolate dipped Oreos® and strawberries, honor the true spirit of Sweetest Day with one of FTD’s sweet, delectable, edible gifts. Hoping to make a big impact?  Celebrate the in-laws or a beloved neighbor family with a Sweetest Day gift basket packed with goodies and smiles. Or wanting to go a little less traditional? Let your cup runneth over with a Starbucks® coffee & cocoa gift basket. There are many ways to show you care with FTD Sweetest Day gifts - as long as you choose with your heart, you can’t go wrong!