Sweeten Your Sweetest Day With These Sweetest Day Ideas

Sweetest Day Feature Red Roses

Contrary to popular belief, Sweetest Day is not just another “Hallmark” holiday. Sweetest Day was established in Cleveland, Ohio in 1922 by candy company employee, Herbert Birch Kingston.The first Sweetest Day was celebrated by distributing candy and small gifts to those in need. Today, Sweetest Day is celebrated every third Saturday of October by sharing sweets, flowers, and cards with friends and loved ones.

Do you want to plan the perfect Sweetest Day Date? Follow these steps to show your sweetheart how special they are:

Steps to Making Your Sweetest Day Special:

Play a Board Game.

Playing a board game with just the two of you can be more fun than you remember. Peel your eyes off of technology and just have a conversation.  Or reignite your competitive spirit and play to win!

Playing Board Games


Send them Sweetest Day flowers.

Sending someone a beautiful bouquet is sure to make any moment a memorable one. Flowers are the perfect gesture to surprise the one you love and show you care. Add a touch of romance to their day and send them The My Heart to Yours Rose Bouquet by FTD.

Flowers in an FTD Box


Do a fun fall activity together for Sweetest Day.

October is the perfect time for apple picking. Take a trip the nearest apple orchard and enjoy fresh, handpicked apples. This is a fun outdoor activity to enjoy with friends, family, or your sweetheart. Enjoy the cool fall weather and bring home some delicious apples.

Picking Apples Bushel of Apples


Cook a homemade Sweetest Day meal.

Put your culinary skills to the test and cook something together. Explore a new recipe or cook up an old favorite. Play a collection of romantic tunes, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy the aromas. Don’t forget to have fun with it and enjoy your meal.

Making Breakfast Food


End on a sweet note.

The best way to finish off your perfect Sweetest Day date is with an after dinner treat. Indulge with FTD’s Chocolate Dip Delights chocolate covered strawberries, a sweet combination of fresh strawberries and irresistible chocolate. Relax, embrace each other’s company, and put in a great romantic comedy you’ll both enjoy. You don’t even necessarily need to give anything that tastes sweet; a sweet gesture like a from-the-heart greeting card, having fresh flowers delivered, or sending one of these Sweetest Day gift ideas are also lovely ways to celebrate Sweetest Day.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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