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Self Care Gifts & Flowers

Taking care of yourself is oftentimes something that gets put on the backburner and left as your last priority. With work, school, taking care of others, and so much more, it is hard to find time to take care of yourself. We get it. But the time has come to send yourself a self-care package and get to putting yourself first for once! With FTD’s self-care gift baskets and flowers you will have all you need to treat yourself to a day of care and comfort.

Who would enjoy receiving a self-care gift basket or bouquet?

Think of the people in your life that may be in a similar boat as you are. Someone who is busy, takes care of their family, and doesn't seem to put themselves as a priority enough. They are the perfect candidate for a self-care gift basket and maybe even some chocolates, too. A nice colorful bouquet of mixed blooms will always brighten up your day. So don't stop at gifts and baskets, check out our large selection of Self Care Day flowers!

How can I use my self-care package to have a self-care day?

The best way to use your self-care package to have a self-care day, is to set aside some time to really devote to yourself. Lower the lights, turn off the electronics, put your phone on silent, and really sit in the moment and enjoy what your day has to offer. Say you order one of our spa gift baskets. Well, then you are in for a relaxing, moisturizing, calming treat. Those baskets are full of candles, scented lotions, bath bombs, and more. Allow yourself that time to relax, and before you know it, you will be in full self-care mode!

What type of items usually come in a self-care gift?

Though each self-care package is unique, they all have a few basic staples to ensure that you are having optimal self-care time. Things like lotions, body butters, bath products, and soaps are going to take your self-care day to the next level.

Can I send a self-care package or flower delivery?

Even though self-care is about you, you are more than welcome to share the wealth. Sending a self-care package delivery to someone you love is a great way to show them you are thinking about them and their mental and physical health. You can also add on some flowers or one of FTD's flowering plants with the delivery. They are a great way to cheer someone up and add that extra love to any order.