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Friendsgiving Gifts and Flowers

Make this year’s Friendsgiving celebration one to remember with thoughtful gifts. FTD has a variety of gifts and flowers that are perfect for sharing and showing your appreciation to your generous host.

Friendsgiving Gifts and Flowers FAQs

What is Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is an unofficial holiday, originating as an alternative to Thanksgiving for those who could not go home to spend it with family. Friendsgiving is celebrated by friends gathering together for a meal, which everyone usually contributes to, potluck style. Similar to Thanksgiving, the spirit of Friendsgiving is to show gratitude for the special people in your life, and it’s a time to be thankful and celebrate all types of different friendships in your life.

Friendsgiving has evolved and is now much more widely celebrated, even by those who will have a traditional Thanksgiving. Nowadays, it’s customary to bring a Friendsgiving gift or edible contribution, so don’t forget to place an order ahead of time. There are plenty of ideas you can consider for Friendsgiving gifts, including centerpieces, Thanksgiving gift baskets, and more to ensure your friends have a celebration to remember!

When should you do Friendsgiving?

Typically, Friendsgiving is celebrated in the week before or after Thanksgiving. However, there’s no strict rule for when you have to host your Friendsgiving. Some people have Friendsgiving celebrations throughout the entire holiday season, even around Christmas time. If you’re attending a Friendsgiving feast, don’t forget to send flowers or a Friendsgiving gift delivery for the host. If you’re playing host, order a Friendsgiving centerpiece for your own table for a photo-ready spread.

How do I host the perfect Friendsgiving?

Hosting Friendsgiving is fun, but it can also be a lot of pressure when you’re trying to make it perfect. When you’re planning your Friendsgiving dinner, the most important thing is to make it a memorable and enjoyable gathering for you and your friends. When it comes down to it, Friendsgiving is all about great company and great food — a stunning table doesn’t hurt either. At FTD, we can make your planning a little easier with beautiful Friendsgiving flowers to decorate with and delicious treats to share at the table.

Tide your friends over with an edible Friendsgiving delivery like our fruit and nut trays or meat and cheese gift baskets, which make perfect appetizers. After dinner, put out a chocolate or cookie basket to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

What flowers or gifts are good for Friendsgiving?

Finding the perfect flowers or gifts for Friendsgiving is easy with FTD. We’ve got a huge range on offer, so you’re sure to find something to suit whoever you’re buying for. When choosing flowers, we always recommend trying to find as much information as possible for the person you’re buying for, including their favorite flower or color, to show how much you care. Another great option is to ask your host if they have a theme set out for the event, and if so, try to match your flowers by incorporating some of their key colors.

For example, if your friends are opting for a rustic theme, why not consider purchasing a wildflower bouquet, which uses floral varieties and colors based on availability and freshness? Our seasonal flowers are sourced by our experienced local florists who choose only the best for our customers. Each bouquet is unique because the exact flowers and designs are based on our florists’ design interpretation, making it extra special for your host.

Again, it’s important to consider what your host enjoys when it comes to gift choices. For example, if you know your friend has a sweet tooth, then one of our delicious gift baskets, such as our chocolate strawberries or one of our many baked goods food baskets, could make a perfect choice. Another great option to consider is one of our many fruit baskets, which are picked fresh with seasonal fruit that offer a healthy alternative for you and your friends to enjoy.

What is a good hostess gift?

Playing host is no easy feat, so make sure you show your appreciation with a Friendsgiving gift delivery for your hostess. Some of our favorite Friendsgiving gift ideas for hostesses include:

In addition to having a Friendsgiving gift sent to their house, consider pitching in with prep or clean up so they can have a few minutes to relax on the busy day.

FTD is your go-to destination for gifts and bouquets during the holiday season. From Friendsgiving gifts and same day Thanksgiving flowers to Christmas gifts you need sent overseas, you can rely on our commitment to exceptional customer care.

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