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Mother's Day Tulips

Tulips are a beautiful and seasonal flower, perfect for a Mother’s Day gift for any of the moms in your life. Browse our selection of Mother’s Day tulips, and find the perfect arrangement to make your mom’s special day all the sweeter. With FTD, you can rest assured tulips for Mother’s Day will arrive fresh, quick, and beautiful. 

Should I give my wife tulips for Mother's Day?

Yes, absolutely! Many people forget about their wives on Mother’s Day. But, if you have kids, it’s important to honor her on this special holiday as well.   Tulips make a great gift for wives on Mother’s Day, especially if they are young or new moms. That’s because tulips are a classic flower symbolizing youth, vitality, and growth — all things to celebrate in new moms on Mother’s Day. Get your wife a mixed bouquet featuring beautiful tulip bulbs, along with Mother’s Day orchids or even stunning roses for Mother’s Day.

What color tulips are good to give for Mother’s Day?

Any color tulip can make an excellent Mother’s Day gift. But, like other flowers, different colors can send different messages. So, your choice of tulip color should depend on the exact message you want to send your mom — or other mother in your life — this May. Here are some examples:
  • Yellow tulips express joy, merriment, excitement, and the novelties of spring
  • Pink tulips are cute, playful, and speak to the joys of motherhood
  • Red tulips are romantic and passionate, perfect for your wife on Mother’s Day
  • Blue tulips represent loyalty, and make great mother in law Mother’s Day gifts
You can also send a mixed bouquet featuring a rainbow of tulip colors, which is exciting, festive, and sends a springtime message that can’t be beat! Pair this with Mother’s Day chocolate & candy baskets for an unforgettable delivery.

How to care for Mother’s Day tulips?

Caring for tulips is pretty simple when you’re attentive and intentional about it. With the right care, your bouquet could last up to a week or more. Follow these steps to keep your arrangement fresh and lovely:
  1. Cut the stems of your bouquet to fit the vase. Make sure to cut at an angle for maximum exposure to water.
  2. Mix a packet of plant food into room-temperature water. Be thorough, until it’s totally mixed in.
  3. Place your tulips in the water, and be sure to replace the water and plant food every 2 days. This should keep your blooms fresh for up to a week or more!