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Mother's Day Plants

Surprise Mom for Mother’s Day by getting her a beautiful set of Mother’s Day plants. Choose from our wide selection of potted plants and flowering plants.

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Mother’s Day Plants FAQs

What plants symbolize Mother’s Day?

Although flowers such as carnations are traditionally symbolic of Mother’s Day, there are many plants with a Mother’s Day connection. Orchids, for example, symbolize fertility. Tulips represent comfort, which mothers try to provide for their children.

What is a good Mother's Day plant to gift?

If you’re giving a Mother’s Day plant as a gift, it’s best to find one that both represents the relationship you have with your mother and fits her particular tastes. For example, gifting a Mother’s Day tulip garden would be a great way to express the deep love you have for her and, at the same time, bring a shock of springtime color to her home or garden.

On the other hand, if you’re sending a Mother’s Day plant to a mom who doesn’t have a green thumb, it may be best to get a plant that’s simple and easy to care for, such as a succulent or pothos plant.

Which flowering plants are available for Mother's Day?

Our collection includes a variety of flowering plants for Mother’s Day. When you browse our Mother’s Day plants, you’ll find houseplants of all kinds of shapes and sizes, including:

  • Tulips

  • Hydrangeas

  • Calla lilies

  • Roses

  • Hyacinths

  • Daffodils

  • And more!

Send plants for Mother’s Day! For a full list of the blooming plants we have for Mother’s Day, check out all of our flowering plants.

What is a good plant for a first-time mother?

Every mom remembers her first Mother’s Day. Celebrate the occasion by sending Mother’s Day roses, perhaps in the form of a miniature rose plant.

Orchids are another popular choice for Mother’s Day. Available in a variety of colors, orchids bloom for a long time with minimal care. First-time moms are busy women. Place an orchid in indirect sunlight, place an ice cube on it every week so water can seep into the soil and enjoy this lovely plant.

How about a miniature shrub or tree? FTD offers several types of bonsai, the Japanese art of dwarf tree creation. Perhaps a new mom would like a Blooming Abundance Gardenia bonsai, which displays exceptionally lush foliage. The Blooming Azalea bonsai blooms twice annually. The Indoor Hawaiian Umbrella bonsai is among the easiest bonsais to maintain, so it’s perfect for someone new to the art. This multi-trunked plant can thrive in indirect sunlight.  

The scent of a magnolia sapling fills the room with its natural perfume. This gift is accompanied by a lavender soap and lotion duet.

Which indoor houseplants are available for Mother’s Day delivery?

All of our indoor Mother’s Day plants are available for delivery! This includes the flowering plants listed above, as well as our other plant offerings, which include:

  • Succulent Garden

  • Free Spirit Air Plant

  • Draceana Marginata

  • Calathea Stromanthe Tricolor

In addition to houseplants, our collection includes all sorts of other great Mother’s Day gifts! Pair any houseplant with a dozen mouthwatering Mother’s Day strawberries, or a savory charcuterie basket. If your mom has a sweet tooth, check out our assortment of Mother’s Day chocolates. We also offer a wide range of Mother’s Day gift baskets to delight your mom.

We have everything you need to create an unforgettable Mother’s Day gift! Shop all flowers to find the right floral arrangement, bouquet or plant for your mom.

Can I get same-day Mother's Day plants delivery?

While not all of our Mother’s Day plants are eligible for same-day delivery, you can still quickly send plants for Mother’s Day. We offer same-day plant delivery for a number of beautiful houseplants, any one of which Mom is sure to love! To get your Mother’s Day plant delivered ASAP, simply shop our plants available for same-day delivery, and place your order by 1 p.m. on Sunday.