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Boss's Day Gifts & Gift Baskets

Great bosses and managers are quick to celebrate the hard work and dedication of their employees, and these valuable, standout leaders deserve a day to be recognized. That’s why we’ll be celebrating our bosses for Boss’s Day on October 16, 2021! Show your gratitude and appreciation for your favorite bossman or top lady boss with a thoughtful Boss’s Day gift delivered straight to the office or their doorstep from FTD.

Boss’s Day Gifts FAQs

What is a good gift for Boss’s Day?

Boss’s Day, held on October 16 in the U.S., is about acknowledging the hard work a manager puts into mentoring and helping shape the careers of their employees. This Boss’s Day, you can celebrate your manager with the help of FTD, as we have an excellent selection of good gifts for your boss. From bountiful flower bouquets to Boss’s Day gifts they’re sure to love, like our delectable gift baskets or beautiful plant options, you can find a great gift for your boss this year. Select from FTD’s Boss’s Day gifts for sale and brighten up their day and their desk!

What do you get a female boss for Boss’s Day?

This Boss’s Day, get an appropriate, thoughtful gift for your manager that they’re sure to love. If you have a female manager, FTD’s Boss’s Day gift delivery service will surprise and delight, no matter if you choose from one of our many gift baskets full of treats and savory snacks, or one of our Glow & Grow Kits, which will be great for decorating their desk. We have plenty of amazing Boss’s Day gifts for women, so make your choice and send it in time for the holiday today!

What do you get a male boss for Boss’s Day?

Every year, Boss’s Day can be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your manager and treat them to a Boss’s Day gift that is to their liking. And at FTD, we have many options that make for great Boss’s Day gifts for men! From our savory baked brie selections to our Vinoos Wine Gummy Flights, you’re sure to make your manager’s day with a Boss’s Day gift delivery from FTD.