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Colored Roses

Colored roses are fun and a stunning way to brighten up anyone’s day. If you’re looking to give a show-stopping gift, we have many beautiful colored rose and flower arrangement options that will add vibrant beauty to any occasion.

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The Colored Rose Trend

While no one can debate the timeless beauty of a red rose in bloom, there is quite literally a rainbow of colored rose bouquets to choose from online. From feminine flowers in shades of pink and lavender to modern bouquets with bold blue blooms, there are so many ways - and shades - to express your love or celebrate any special milestone. 

The Tie Dye Rose

The tie-dye or rainbow rose may be the most instantly identifiable out of all the colored roses for sale today. It is said that back in 2005, a flower grower from the Netherlands was inspired to create a new type of bloom that had all the radiant colors of the rainbow. He experimented for many months before achieving the multicolored kaleidoscope look of rainbow roses that we know and love today. Our tie dye rose bouquet is the perfect pick for a teenager, an artist, or anyone with a colorful personality. Their colorful petals look incredible in photos and are sure to draw attention wherever your loved one places their bouquet.

The Blue Rose

Because blue roses are impossible to produce in a home garden, they have grown to have an almost mythical quality around them. The color itself is rare to find naturally in flowers, except for a few varieties. Blue roses are mysterious, serene and are said to represent a wish or a love that seems unattainable. A blue rose bouquet would also be an excellent choice for a boyfriend, husband, or a unique way to celebrate or decorate a baby shower. Blue rose bouquets also make a fresh and trendy gift for a high school or college graduate.

Traditional Colored Rose Options

Perhaps your mom or grandma adores bold pops of color but would prefer a more traditional bouquet? No worries, we’ve got you covered for any shade of colored roses that you need delivered. Many of our rainbow rose bouquets look as though they are hand-picked from a serene, lush garden. Our expert designers choose the most fashionable flowers to complement the timeless rose texture, like lilies, daisies, carnations, and more. We also carry classic and romantic rose shades that everyone adores like pink, peach, white, and red. You can never go wrong with a rose bouquet delivered from FTD.