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Purple Roses Are Not Basic!

They are unconventional, they are a complete departure from the norm, and they are not common. Therefore, like most precious commodities, the purple rose is highly sought after and is considered a premium acquisition by most flower enthusiasts.

Purple Roses Have Many Meanings

Purple roses known to symbolize enchantment and love at-first sight. Speaking nothing but love, these purple roses are made for romance. However, it should be noted that purple roses don’t embody the statement of everlasting love like other rose breeds traditionally tend to do. They are actually widely believed to symbolize an initial, fleeting infatuation that is likely turn into a deeper kind of love further down the road.

 Purple Roses Are Mysterious

Like the very similar blue rose, adding to the mystery of the purple rose is the fact that they do not grow naturally, and have always been more difficult to obtain than most other species of flower. In other words, crossbreeding 2 existing roses to produce the desired distinctive lavender/purple color is how the purple rose in brought into being. The very first purple rose on record was discovered in the 1800s, and it was believed to be the result of crossbreeding between Chinese roses and European roses. Historically, it was only royalty and the wealthiest of people who could afford them. Purple roses can only be grown by adhering to very specific breeding practices. The purple rose comes in a variety of different types, including: •             Midnight Blue •             Night Owl •             Burgundy Iceberg •             Ebb Tide •             Sterling Silver •             Plum •             Bluebird •             Angel Face And many more! Some people have also been able to achieve the purple look of the rose by using a combination of water and food coloring. One thing is certain, though...the royal, majestic look and vibrant colors of the purple rose boldly captures an almost mystical beauty that is not quite of this world.

Purple Rose Arrangements Are Jaw Dropping

Uniquely crafted and illustrious, nothing will make your wedding day more elegant than the purple rose bouquet. Walking to the altar with the most adorable, dazzling and drop-dead gorgeous purple rose bouquet will have your soon-to-be-husband and everyone else in the room filled with tears. There is no rose bouquet out there more perfect than our purple rose bouquet. Made from the finest and most exquisite purple roses online, you can be certain you will leave an indelible mark in the minds of all your guests on your wedding day. You are guaranteed to leave your husband tearing as you walk towards the alter with exotic purple roses on your wedding day. Ignite an atmosphere of love and romance by making use of our jaw-dropping purple rose arrangements. Have a wedding to remember by having these unique, radiant purple rose arrangements as part of your wedding decor.

 Say I Love You with Purple Roses

Purple roses bouquets are known to be used to send romantic messages between lovers. Have your girlfriend or wife blushing today by having one of our gorgeous purple roses bouquets delivered to her. Nothing says “I love you" better than these bouquets of purple roses. These elaborate bouquets and arrangements are the very embodiment of class and grandeur, and are among the freshest and most elegant purple roses online today. These flowers are also known to be used to grace social occasions and events like anniversaries, birthday parties, and so much more. Romantic dinners are made all the more romantic when you have these exquisite looking purple rose arrangements decorating your location. It does not matter where you intend to have this romantic dinner. It could be on the rooftop, by the beach, in the park or even in your own house— as long as you make use of our exquisite purple roses you are guaranteed going to spark an atmosphere of mystery, love and romance.

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