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Flowering Plants Delivery

Plants for delivery are a special way to help brighten one’s day. You can order plants for any occasion and have them delivered straight to your door. Looking to decorate your home with some fresh foliage? Flowering plant delivery makes shopping for home décor easy. Kick back and browse for the perfect plants from the comfort of your home.

Flowering & Blooming Plants FAQs

Which plants are called flowering plants?

The term “flowering plants” specifically refers to plants that bear flowers or fruit. As a distinguishing feature from other types of seed plants, the flowers of flowering plants hold unrivaled beauty. From Valentine’s Day bouquets to special surprises, vibrant blooms are sure to take your recipient’s breath away.

Thanks to their elegance and simplicity, flowering house plants are the perfect way to celebrate birthdays, congratulate new grads, or express your condolences. Not only do fresh blooms show how much you care, but they’re also an everyday reminder of nature’s beauty. If you’re treating yourself to the gift of flowers, indoor flowering plants are the perfect pick-me-up! From budding roses to tropical orchids, blooming plants add a pop of color to your living room bookshelf, kitchen windowsill, dining room table, and any other space in your home.

What does bloom mean in plants?

In the context of plants, blooming refers to the flowering stage when flowers unfold. The blooming stage falls after the vegetative stage, or the stage of plant growth after germination. Flowering house plants have become increasingly popular over the last few years—and it’s easy to see why. With gorgeous blooms and the sweet aroma of flowers, blooming plants make a wonderful gift for any occasion. Long-lasting blooms lift spirits, purify the air, and add a sense of tranquility to any space, from offices to bedrooms.

What flowers will grow back every year?

Flowers that will grow back every year are called perennials. There are numerous perennials that are perfect for your home or as a gift.

Perennial flowering plants are gifts that keep on giving. They’re an investment that can be appreciated for years and even passed down for generations. At FTD, we have a variety of potted perennials for you to choose from. Some of our most popular flowers that will grow back every year include:

What are the best low maintenance plants?

Between work, raising a family, and trying to maintain a social life, tending to your garden or plants may seem impossible. Luckily, there are a variety of low maintenance plants that will add life and color to your home without needing to be tended to every few days. From blooming bushes of spider plants to lush green plants like the spathiphyllum, here are some low maintenance plants you should get your hands on:

  • Daisies

  • Orchids

  • Carnations

  • Succulents

  • Golden Pothos

These flowers require very little TLC and make great thank you gifts for friends and family. You can even arrange them into a beautiful bouquet of daisies to place on your kitchen table or send as a gift for a special occasion.

What flowers bloom all year long?

Looking for a flower that will bloom all year long? Consider the bright colors of the pincushion protea flower or the lush bulbs of green button poms. And if you have a potted plant you’d like to keep around, such as a gardenia plant, azaleas, or hydrangeas, make sure they’re receiving the right sun/shade requirements, enough water, and are seasonally pruned so they can continue to bloom all year round.

Beautiful Blooming Plants for Any and Every Occasion

At FTD, our collection of plant gifts can be sent any time of year to your friends, family, and loved ones. We even have same day delivery on a selection of plants in bloom if you’re looking for a last minute surprise!

Whether you’re searching for a “just because” surprise or memorable Mother’s Day present, we’ve got you covered with indoor flowering plants, perennials, and more. To gift with meaning, shop all plants and browse our premium selection of flowering house plants available for delivery. With our potted plant delivery, you can surprise anyone with a gift that will last for years to come. Send flowering plants to your special someone today!