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Heart-Shaped Flowers

Flowers are a creative way to express your emotions, and what better way to show a loved one how much you care than with heart-shaped flowers? The unique bleeding heart flower grows many small heart-shaped petals on a single stem for a delicate expression of love and appreciation. Looking for some romantic birthday flowers for wife or significant other? Try a heart-shaped roses bouquet for a surprise they'll love!

What Are Heart-Shaped Flowers Called?

The most traditionally referenced heart-shaped flowers are called lamprocapnos spectabilis, or the bleeding heart flower. Bleeding hearts produce two symmetrical pink or fuchsia petals which arc outward and then come together at a point to form a heart shape. White petals bloom downward from this lower point like droplets, giving the plant its "bleeding heart" name. Many small heart-shaped flowers bloom on a single dangling stem, making the lamprocapnos spectabilis a truly one-of-a-kind way to express your affection. Their small, clustered growing pattern also makes them a wonderful accent for a mixed bouquet of anniversary flowers.

What Flower Looks Like Hearts?

While the lamprocapnos is the only flower to produce symmetrical heart-shaped petals, there are other heart-shaped plants in addition to the bleeding heart, like the tropical anthurium plant. Like poinsettias, anthuriums produce glossy red leaves that look like soft petals. Unlike the Christmas-y poinsettias, though, anthuriums have large, vibrant red heart-shaped leaves, making them a common wedding plant in warmer climates. Some roses also have individual heart-shaped petals, with lush blooming patterns that make them the most well-known and recognizable love and romance flowers.

What’s the Most Popular Heart-Shaped Flower?

The most common plant with heart-shaped flowers is the bleeding heart flower, but heart-shaped roses are also very popular. While not shaped like the traditional, symmetrical Valentine's heart, some roses do have a more natural heart shape when in full bloom. For a display of affection that's sure to leave a lasting impression, send your loved one a heart-shaped rose bouquet. These stunning arrangements make for perfect Valentine's day flowers.

Heart-Shaped Flower Bouquets Delivered Right to Your Door

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