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Mother's Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Give your mom a sweet surprise this May 8 with Mother’s Day chocolate covered strawberries from FTD. These decadent chocolate covered strawberries are more than enough to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Mother’s Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries FAQs

What types of chocolates are used for the Mother’s Day chocolate covered strawberries?

Our collection includes a variety of Mother’s Day chocolate strawberries for you to choose from. We have milk, dark, and white chocolate strawberries, as well as delicious Belgian dark chocolate covered strawberries. Additionally, a fine chocolate drizzle is added to the berries to give them a refined, elegant look.

How many chocolate-covered strawberries come in a single order?

When you order from FTD, you can choose between Mother’s Day strawberries delivery of a half dozen or a full dozen. A half dozen chocolate strawberries can serve as a great complement to a bouquet of Mother’s Day roses, while a full dozen gives mom plenty of chocolate strawberries to share with the family (if she’s feeling generous). In any case, whether you get a half dozen or a full dozen, your mom will no doubt appreciate the gesture!

Are chocolate-covered strawberries a good gift to send for Mother’s Day?

Yes! Chocolate-covered strawberries make for a great gift for Mother’s Day. You can send them to your own mom, your grandma, your aunt, your wife, or any mother in your life. FTD’s Mother’s Day strawberries are the perfect blend of beautiful and delicious, and are ultimately a gift that mom will never forget.

How long do chocolate covered strawberries last?

Chocolate covered strawberries will generally last about two days. This is because the berries are almost fully ripe before delivery. The consensus is that chocolate covered strawberries taste best when kept at room temperature. But if your Mom lives in a hot climate, she might want to store them in the refrigerator, where they can last upwards of three to four days. To do so, place a paper towel in a container topped with either parchment or wax paper.

Then arrange the strawberries on top in a single layer. Loosely cover the container with plastic wrap or aluminum foil, so there is still some airflow. In this way, condensation won’t form over the berries, which can cause mildew. The paper towel serves to absorb any extra moisture and increase longevity.

Chocolate covered strawberries Mother’s Day gift ideas

In addition to Mother’s Day chocolate-covered strawberries, you might send one or two other gifts in our collection to mom. If your mom has an insatiable sweet tooth, we offer other Mother’s Day chocolates and sweets that she’s sure to find irresistible.

Favorite selections include chocolate-covered Oreo cookies dipped in candy sprinkles and FTD’s delicious Brownie Bite gift set that features bite-sized nuggets of pure bliss. Your mom will appreciate mouthwatering brownie flavors like Fudge & Walnut, White Chocolate Mini Chip, Caramel Nut Turtle, and Peanut Butter Mini Chip! One of our most snackable gifts is brimming with sweet confections like caramel popcorn, artisan cookies, and Ghirardelli chocolate, revered for its intense flavor and smooth, melt-in-your-mouth feel.

Sometimes, it’s nice to let the professionals curate an assortment of premium gift products. If that’s the case, why not send one of our Mother’s Day gift baskets right to her doorstep? Whether she prefers sweet or savory, or a little bit of both – you’ll find just what mom loves at FTD. Pamper her with a cute box of freshly baked cookies or a charcuterie gift basket heaped with cured meats, dried fruit, nuts, and gourmet crackers.

But if you want something else besides sweets, we have Mother’s Day flowers and floral baskets that are stuffed with roses, carnations, Asiatic lilies, tulips, and more!

Show Mom Love this Mother’s Day

Show mom some love one Sunday, May 8 by sending her Mother’s Day strawberries along with other top-tier gifts from FTD’s collection. Shop All Flowers and place your order today!