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Send flowers for any occasion: birthdays, weddings, holidays, sympathy, or “just because.” FTD offers a beautiful variety of bouquets. Our local florists craft fresh flower arrangements from daisy flowers, lily flowers, carnation flowers, hydrangea flowers, iris flowers, roses, sunflowers, and more! Need a last-minute flower gift? That’s no problem with our same day flower delivery!

All Flowers & Bouquets FAQs

What are the different types of flower arrangements?

Our florists create beautiful bouquets that feature either one flower of your choosing, or which feature a harmonious mix of different flowers. Our bouquets are offered in different sizes, from “Simply Sweet” to “Bountiful Blooms.” And we offer a wide selection of flower arrangements from your very own tropical flower delivery arrangement to house plants and office gifts. We also offer centerpiece arrangements (with lovely candles adorning the center of the arrangement) and floral arrangements that are housed in baskets and decorative wood boxes. Our luxury flower bouquets are magnificent. These bouquets feature stunning blooms with equally-stunning vases: moon vases, faceted vases, modern-style vases, and the like. Our luxury flower bouquets are crafted with intricate artisan care.

How much does it cost to send someone flowers?

The prices of flowers vary by the type of flower and the size of the arrangement. It’s important to remember that size alone does not necessarily determine the price of the bouquet. Prices may be affected by whether or not the desired flowers are in season and readily available. Looking for the best deals on romantic flowers for your loved ones? Look no further when you apply our selection of flower delivery coupons that will have you sending more flowers for less.

What is the most popular type of flower?

The rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world due to its classy romantic connotation, so order roses to send your love through post. Roses are among our best selling flowers, but the Queen of Flowers has plenty of company! Daisies and lilies are also popular flowers, due in part to their wide variety of colors and beautiful petals. Looking for flowers for someone with a sunny disposition? Send them a sunflower bouquet that is sure to match their shining personality. There are plenty of other highly popular flowers, and don’t forget that each individual person may have his or her own preference. Have fun with the receiver's unique individual style and get them a bouquet they’ll really love.

What are the best flowers for particular occasions?

Flowers are universal, and there's really no wrong types to send. However, there is a language of flowers, in which certain types and colors are considered best for certain purposes. Keep in mind that this is not a hard and fast rule! When it comes to a birthday flower delivery, you have a wide range of choices. You can’t go wrong with sending a dozen roses, but you may want to go with sending the flower corresponding to the birth month or the person’s zodiac sign. Of course, you can always send a bouquet or floral arrangement featuring the celebrant’s favorite blooms!

Send red roses to your love on Valentine’s Day. You can also send roses on February 14 to friends and family, but pink or yellow roses are more appropriate. Sending red roses on Valentine’s Day to someone who is not a spouse, sweetheart or potential love interest is the one flower rule that shouldn’t be broken. You don’t want to give someone the wrong idea about your intentions.

Those feeling under the weather should perk up after receiving a Get Well Soon floral delivery. In the language of flowers, yellow blooms are sent to those convalescing from an illness or injury, but feel free to send any flowers you think are cheerful and uplifting. While white flowers are traditional for a funeral flowers delivery or a sympathy flowers delivery, that is not set in stone. If you knew the deceased well, it’s fine to send their favorite flowers in any shade to honor their memory. For sympathy flowers, sent to the family of the deceased, you might opt for a flowering plant to convey your condolences.

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There are flowers suitable for every occasion, or Just Because! Shop all flowers to view FTD’s huge selection of gorgeous bouquets and floral arrangements in every color in nature. Our flowers are always fresh, seasonal, and stunning.