46 Printable Birthday Coupon Templates For Every Party

Birthday Coupons

Finding the perfect birthday gifts for your loved ones year after year is challenging. Choosing something that is thoughtful and exciting can feel impossible, especially when you’re on a budget. Next time you run out of birthday gift ideas, try gifting some birthday coupon templates that are fun for you and your loved one. These creative ideas are the gifts that keep on giving as the recipient redeems them over the next few months.

From a pass to stay up late for the kids to a coupon for a round of drinks for a friend, these coupons make great additions to birthday cards or flower arrangements. Whether you’re celebrating your sweetheart, your little one or your BFF, these printables are sure to be the perfect gift.


  1. Click the buttons below to download your coupons.

  2. Print out your favorite coupons on card stock.

  3. Cut out the individual coupons.

  4. Fold the cover in half and place the individual coupons inside.

  5. Punch two holes in the left side of the stack of coupons.

  6. String them together with ribbon or twine.


Birthday Coupon Templates for Your Love


If your significant other appreciates experiences instead of material items, think outside the box this year and surprise them with birthday coupons that they can redeem for months to come. Whether your partner would feel special having a taco and margarita night or would love to bring out their inner child by making a couch fort, there’s sure to be a coupon idea that they’ll enjoy. After you print these out, make sure to fill out the blank coupons with ideas that are personal to your relationship. Whatever you choose to do, they’re sure to be charmed by your creativity.


Birthday Coupon Templates for Your Little One


Kids have the most fun with printable coupons, so shower your little one with special passes for skipping a chore, staying up late and getting a treat from the grocery store! You can even come up with a special adventure with mom or dad that can be an experience you all share. Whether you plan an all-day excursion to a park or a trip to the science museum, fill in these exciting events and surprise your child this year.


Birthday Coupon Templates for Your BFF


Birthday coupons make great gifts for friends, so gift your BFF printable coupons for a celebration to remember. Whether you offer to be their workout buddy for the day or bring them a home-cooked meal, the real value is the time that you will spend together. Try sending these coupons with a floral arrangement for a thoughtful fall birthday gift.


Whether you’re celebrating your sweetheart, your little one or your BFF, attach these coupons to a bouquet of fall flowers for a thoughtful birthday gift. The best part of giving printable birthday coupons is the experiences that you and your loved one will share as they fulfill their coupons. Whether you babysit your BFF’s kids for a night or treat your sweetheart to a candlelit dinner, a birthday is always a reason to celebrate.