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Apology Flowers, Plants & Gifts

Saying "sorry" can go a long way. No matter the offense, it’s important to apologize for any mistakes you may have made. At FTD, our "I’m sorry" gifts can speak louder than words. Let them know you care about making amends with any of our apology flowers and gifts, such as our decadent chocolate gift boxes or bright and cheerful sunflower bouquets. Whatever wrong you’re trying to right, our "I’m sorry" gifts and flowers are a great first step toward forgiveness.

Apology Flowers FAQs

What flower says sorry?

Saying “I’m sorry” isn’t as easy as it may seem. It can be hard admitting when you did something wrong, but doing so can take a heavy burden off of your shoulders. When looking for a flower that says, “I’m sorry,” you can’t go wrong with a lily. Lilies represent devotion and humility, and their remarkable beauty makes them easy to accept. Tulips are another great apology flower, as they represent new beginnings, peace, and forgiveness. Or, for a friend you’ve hurt, send yellow flowers that symbolize friendship and happiness.

However, mistakes and wrongdoings aren’t the only scenarios where you may want to say sorry. Bereavements are somber occasions that are also deserving of flowers, and we have plenty of funeral flower arrangements that say, “I’m sorry.” A daisy bouquet symbolizes innocence and purity, perfect for remembering the deceased, while orchid plants symbolize sympathy and eternal love.

What are the best apology flowers for sympathy bouquets?

Sympathy flower arrangements typically include lilies, orchids, roses, and carnations. They are a thoughtful way to express your condolences and show respect. In addition, they add beauty, fragrance, and color to an otherwise somber occasion.

It’s important to remember that the passing of a loved one can be a challenging time for friends or family. If you’re thinking about sending a sympathy flower delivery, choosing an appropriate arrangement can help you send a heartfelt gift to the bereaved.

There’s no wrong time to send an I’m sorry flowers delivery to a grieving family. Even if you found out about the news after funeral services, you can still send apology flowers delivery to the family’s home, along with a personalized note, to demonstrate your sympathy. Shop all flowers to find the perfect arrangement to say, “I’m sorry.”

Why are flowers a good way to say sorry?

Whether you’re trying to apologize to a wife, friend, or relative, there are plenty of I’m sorry flowers to choose from at FTD. But why are flowers a good way to say sorry? Our best-selling flowers are a unique way to show that you truly care about the relationship with the person you’ve hurt. It could be a simple mistake, such as forgetting a sibling’s birthday, or something more significant, such as missing a wedding. Whatever the case, sending flowers for forgiveness is always appreciated by the recipient.

What else should I include with apology flowers?

When you send floral arrangements that say sorry, make sure to include a personalized apology note. This will allow you to send a heartfelt apology that expresses how sorry you feel. Along with a special message, you can also send an apology gift, such as a gift basket filled with their favorite treats. If there’s one thing a person can’t turn down, it’s an assortment of their favorite treats, such as a mouth-watering chocolate, nut, and fruit tray or a savory cheese and meat platter. Any of our I’m sorry gifts are sure to make earning forgiveness easier.

What should I write in an apology note?

Even though your apology message should come from the heart, it’s not always easy to find the right words. But we all make mistakes—and working up the courage to apologize is the first step toward finding forgiveness.

No matter who you’re apologizing to or what you did, start with the two hardest words: “I’m sorry.” After you apologize, tell them exactly what you’re apologizing for, acknowledge their feelings, and ask for forgiveness. If you need some inspiration for your apology note, here are some messages to send with your flowers:

  • “I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.”

  • “Please accept my sincerest apologies.”

  • “Please forgive me for what I did and know I’ll never do it again.”

Send Same Day I’m Sorry Flowers with FTD

At FTD, we offer same day flower delivery so you can support your loved ones in their time of need. Whether you’re apologizing to your special someone or sending condolences with funeral flowers, our network of local florists will deliver your floral arrangement as fast as possible. From apology flowers to birthday flower delivery, you can count on FTD to send fresh, quality blooms for any occasion. You won’t have to worry about late arrivals—and you’ll be able to send your support when your friend or family member needs it most.