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Gourmet Thank You Gifts

Sometimes it’s difficult to put our gratitude into words. FTD has made it easier than ever for you to articulate your feelings. Browse our varied selection from chocolate covered strawberries to meat and cheeses and let one of our gourmet thank you gifts speak on your behalf.

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The benefits of gratitude

Sure, saying ‘thank you’ feels good, but the benefits actually go much deeper for you and for others. Grateful people are known to show a healthier immune system, stronger confidence and self-esteem, as well as increased empathy and mental health. And, as a bonus, they tend to have better sleep! Whereas on the receiving end, even just a simple ‘thank you’ can improve relationships and culture and promote reciprocity. Have a gourmet thank you gift delivered and ignite a ‘pay it forward’ ripple effect.

Saying thank you to those who help us the most

When they say it takes a village, they aren’t lying. Life is hard sometimes, and we lean on those around us to help navigate the challenges. A gourmet thank you gift basket and a kind note is a meaningful way to honor those who do so much for us - a niece who watches your kids every Saturday so you can hit the gym or a neighbor who checks on your dog every time you travel for work. Take time to reflect on the past year and show appreciation by ordering a sweet or savory gourmet thank you gift online as a thoughtful sentiment for your employee team or the teaching staff at your children’s schools.

Random acts of thanks

Help changing a flat tire. Making an early morning airport dropoff. Driving across town to bring the spare house key. Things pop up at the last minute all the time. Recognize the certain someone who has generously gone above and beyond with a heartfelt card and a gourmet thank you gift for sale from FTD.