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Chocolate Gifts & Gift Baskets Delivery

Looking for the perfect pairing when you deliver a gorgeous bouquet? Send that special someone the delicious gift of chocolate. FTD offers a variety of chocolate options, including chocolate dipped Oreos, Ghirardelli Chocolates, and more — scroll through to find the ideal gift today!  

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Is it safe to send chocolate through the mail?

FTD’s expert delivery methods make sending a chocolate delivery through the mail safe and secured. In general, the safety of your chocolate basket delivery will depend on the packaging and shipping options you use. It also depends on the type of chocolate; some cheaper store-bought chocolates packed with preservatives might be damaged if you pop them in an envelope and put them in the mail.   However, a gourmet chocolate delivery — like those FTD specializes in — will need extra care and attention. That’s why we invest in the best logistics to ensure that your delivery arrives on time and intact, perfectly fresh and delicious for the recipient of your gift. Our flower delivery comes fresh, too! So you have nothing to fear if you decide to get that special someone the meaningful gift of a bouquet of anniversary flowers paired with rich and delicious gourmet chocolates.

What is the difference between cheap and quality chocolate?

It all comes down to the ingredients. Cheap chocolate is packed with preservatives and artificial sweeteners that are cheaply produced and give the chocolate a flat, overly-sweet flavor. Quality chocolate, like FTD’s delectable Godiva collection, is made out of only the finest, premium ingredients that you can put your trust in.  
Cocoa is the heart of chocolate. It’s what gives it its distinctly warm, chocolatey flavor. Cheap chocolates pour in tons of sugar or other sweeteners, along with fillers and other chemicals that increase the volume of the chocolate, but leave the cocoa flavor lacking. Quality chocolate prioritizes the distinct notes of the cocoa, so you get every dimension of the rich flavor. A little sweetener helps enhance the taste without drowning it out.  
FTD chooses only the best chocolate gift baskets and candy gift baskets for our delivery. When you make a gourmet chocolate delivery with FTD, you know that you’re getting the best quality flavors. Pair your beautiful bouquet with a chocolate gift delivery for a present that will be sweet, thoughtful, and memorable.