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Rose Bouquet Delivery

If there is one flower that expresses love, passion, joy, and life more distinctively than any other flower, it is a simple rose. No matter what color or size, rose flower arrangements and bouquets are among the most beautiful ways to express how much you love and appreciate the recipient. Whether it’s romantic love or timeless friendship, a bouquet of roses speaks louder than words.

Rose Bouquet Delivery FAQs

How much is a bouquet of roses?

When you shop with FTD, you can expect to find budget red rose bouquets, high-end roses, and everything in between. Picked from the farm and delivered straight to your special recipient’s door, our beautiful roses are a priceless gift. Our high-end premium specials featuring 48 fresh red roses are beautifully arranged to form a lush bouquet of 24-inch stems. These expertly crafted rose bouquets are handled with the ultimate care and always show up fresh and on time. Show your loved one the limitlessness of your love with this larger-than-life arrangement. No matter the size of your budget, FTD is your number one choice for gorgeous and affordable rose bouquets and rose plants online. Take advantage of our same day flower delivery!

How to preserve a rose to make it last longer?

Flower preservation is highly dependent on the state of the particular bloom. The best time to begin the preservation process is when the flowers are still in full bloom. A big bunch of roses can be easily preserved using these key preservation methods:

  • Keep roses away from direct sunlight to prevent color fade

  • Pour 2 tablespoons of sugar into the vase water

  • Cut 1 to 2 inches off the stems each time you change the water

  • Change vase water every other day

Keeping a bouquet of long stem rose flowers as perky as possible is far simpler than many think!

What do the colors of roses mean?

Though most popularly gifted in a deep red shade, roses come in a vast array of colors that carry different meanings. While vibrant rainbow rose arrangements offer the best of many worlds, this color guide lets you and your flower delivery recipient know every emotion each flower conveys.

  • Red Roses: Love, romance, beauty, and perfection

  • White Roses: Purity, innocence, new beginnings, and remembrance

  • Yellow: Joy, warmth, happiness, and friendship

  • Pink Roses: Grace, gladness, admiration, and sweetness

  • Cream: Thoughtfulness, charm, and appreciation

  • Blue Roses: Transition, the end of something bad, and immortality or permanence

  • Black Roses: Imagination, unattainable love

  • Green Roses: Abundance, fertility, and cheer

  • Orange Roses: Enthusiasm, adoration, and passion

  • Purple Roses: Enchantment and love at-first sight

A rose bouquet birthday flower delivery makes a memorable day for your loved one. In addition to rose bouquets, FTD offers mini-rose plants as wonderful gifts. Choose a yellow mini-rose plant, elegant white roses, or a red mini-rose plant. These lovely potted roses complement any décor and require minimal TLC. The recipient is reminded of your thoughtfulness for years to come!

There’s also our timeless white rose. This exquisite bloom is preserved in the early morning hours, at peak beauty. Placed in a glass dome, this gracious gift lasts indefinitely.

Rose History

When you send roses for delivery, you are participating in a ritual dating back more than 5,000 years. That’s how long humans have been cultivating roses. The history and symbolism of rose garden cultivation started in China. They were later grown extensively in the Middle East, not only for their beauty but also for their medicinal properties. Roman nobles established large public rose gardens. In the 17th century, roses were so highly prized that they could be used as legal tender.

Today’s roses trace back to the introduction of cultivated plants to Europe from China in the 18th century. Unlike earlier varieties, these roses bloomed repeatedly. Breeders began hybridizing roses for vigor and extended blooming. Rose colors are developed by genetics or specific environmental conditions. While botanists work hard to create new shades, some of the most attractive came about by accidental breeding!

Roses Ready for Delivery

A roses delivery is suitable for all of life’s events, whether joyful or sad. If someone you know has lost a loved one, a sympathy flowers delivery lets them know you are thinking of them at this difficult time. Classic red roses sent for a funeral flowers delivery convey compassion and sympathy.

Make the ultimate impression by ordering your next rose arrangement with FTD. Amaze your loved one with our breathtaking bouquets of roses — they’re sure to appreciate the visual and symbolic beauty of your thoughtful gift!

While roses are among our best selling flowers for most occasions, we offer blooms for every taste. Shop All Flowers to discover the wide variety FTD offers!