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Long Stem Roses

There are few gifts more elegant, passionate, and full of love than a bouquet of long stem roses. FTD’s exquisitely curated collection of gorgeous long stem rose bouquets are the perfect way to say, “I love you,” wish that special someone a happy birthday, or just show them you’re thinking of them. Scroll through our options to find the perfect long stem flowers, and order them today with FTD. Nothing compares to receiving a long stem roses same-day delivery! The elegance and beauty of long stem roses are equaled only by their enchanting fragrance.

Long Stem Roses FAQs

What are long stem roses?

Long stem roses are roses that are approximately 24 inches long. These roses have been professionally grown, cut, and curated to have long, elegant stems—making the perfect shape for a stunning bouquet! Unlike regular roses, which you might see growing on rose bushes, giant roses grown on long stems are a classier option. Due to their longer stems, they fit easily into glass, ceramic, or plastic vases; and they are easily held, so you can present them to your special someone without any trouble.

Unlike a rose bush, which due to its roots, leaves, and branches — not to mention the fact that it’s planted in the ground — can be hard to deliver, pre-cut long-stem roses can be sent straight to your recipient’s door without hassle. Looking for more options? Pair long stem roses with other flowers for a gorgeous mixed bouquet that will have your love smiling from ear to ear.

How to preserve long stem roses?

Preserving long stem roses is simple when you follow these easy steps:

  • First, cut the roses (more on that later) to fit the size of your vase.

  • Then, fill your vase with room temperature water. If the water coming out of the tap is cold to the touch, slowly warm it — but be sure it isn’t hot.

  • Next, mix in one packet of flower food.

  • Stir thoroughly.

  • Place the roses in the vase and arrange them to your viewing pleasure.

  • Be sure to replace the water and flower food once every 3 days to ensure your long stem roses last as long as possible!

Follow these steps and enjoy your roses for up to a week and a half!

How to cut long stem roses?

Cutting your long-stem roses is simple, and doing it correctly can mean they’ll last much longer!

  • First, be sure you cut them before the rose petals fully open, if you can.

  • Then, as you cut, cut the rose at an angle — this ensures maximum exposure to water and flower food.

  • Make sure the scissors or shears you use are clean and sharp. You don’t want to risk contaminating the rose stem, or cutting it raggedly in a way that will injure the rose.

That’s it! You can cut off a little more each time you replace the water (as indicated above) to ensure the stem has fresh access to the new water and nutrients. Order long stem rose delivery with FTD for roses that will arrive fresh, beautiful, and ready to display! Forgot a gift? Don’t worry: our same day flower delivery makes last-minute surprises easy.

When should you send long stem roses?

Long stem roses are the perfect gift for all the significant milestones and events in life. Put a smile on someone’s face and bring them joy with a long stem roses delivery. Send romantic roses to your partner--they symbolize passion and devotion. Red is also the classic shade for anniversary roses if you’re sending them to your wife. If sending them to a couple in honor of their anniversary, choose white, yellow, pink, or mixed long stem roses.

Who wouldn’t appreciate receiving birthday roses on their special day? Sending a long stem roses same-day delivery is such a thoughtful gesture. Sending a single long stem rose is also a meaningful statement. Accompany this declaration of love with a gift basket containing chocolate, cookies, and other treats. But, of course, if you really want to wow someone, send dozens of long stem roses, and fill their home with a stunning floral display.

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