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Red and White Flowers

Red and white flowers offer a stunning, eye-catching contrast sure to get their recipient's attention. Amaryllis flowers and stargazer lilies convey both passion and purity with starburst-shaped petals that fade from deep red to radiant white. Using alternating colors can be another way to make your red and white bouquets truly pop. Elevate a Valentine's Day bouquet of red roses with some gleaming white carnations delivered straight to your sweetheart's door!

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Flowers With Red and White Petals

While rare, there are some species of flowers that have both red and white petals (an effect called variegation or variegated petals). Amaryllis, carnations, dahlias and stargazer lilies are all common red and white flowers, with petals typically starting darker toward the center and transitioning to lighter red or white at the edges of each petal.   Alternatively, Osiria roses as well as some carnations feature white or pale pink in the center and fade into a deeper red at the outer edges, for a contrast that prioritizes innocence or purity with a hint of passion. Certain types of hollyhock flowers, on the other hand, feature small bursts of dark red around the corona with otherwise pure white petals.

What Flowers Can You Use for White and Red Floral Arrangements?

Typically associated with passion and romance, some popular red flowers to include in a red and white bouquet include roses, tulips, anemones and red poppies. Chrysanthemums and marigolds also come in red varieties and make great additions to a summer centerpiece!   White peace lilies or calla lilies, hydrangeas and gladiolus flowers can add some unique shape and character to a bouquet of red and white flowers. Many popular flowers come in both red and white variations, including gerbera daisies, carnations and hyacinths.

When Should You Give Red and White Bouquets?  

Red flowers are often associated with romance and passion, while white flowers usually symbolize innocence and purity. For this reason you can give red and white bouquets in many different circumstances depending on the balance of colors and the flowers used. Adding a few white accents to a red Valentine's Day bouquet can be a striking way to emphasize your true love's perfection in your eyes. A mixed arrangement of red and white carnations, on the other hand, may be a great way for the whole family to show their appreciation for mom on Mother's Day!

Have White and Red Flowers Delivered

Whether you're looking for unique variegated red and white flowers or you want to create an attention grabbing multi-colored bouquet, FTD can help. We have a wide selection of online red and white flowers to help celebrate your next special occasion. Have a stunning arrangement of white and red flowers delivered to put a smile on a loved one's face today!