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We know your loved ones want a gift that’s effortlessly unique, yet bold and beautiful to make a statement. That’s where our color collections come in to play. Choosing a specific color from the vibrant spectrum of hues makes your gift incredibly personal and crafted specifically for the occasion. We’ve got all the beautiful colors of the rainbow in a variety of gorgeous flowers to delight your friends and family.     While it may be the rarest shade of florals, blue flowers and blue flower arrangement are delicate and beautiful. Not only does this color add a unique touch to a collection of flowers in an arrangement, but it compliments an endless amount of hue. Our arrangements of white flowers combined with blue flower bouquets is a classic pairing that adds a touch of charm. It goes with so many different styles and occasions, making it a wonderful gift to give!    

Give the Gift of Blue Flowers

A blue bouquet is perfect to celebrate an upcoming wedding, the arrival of a little baby boy or to simply add some freshness to their home. With FTD’s blue flower delivery, we make it easy to send your loved ones a surprise on their special day. Choose the date that’s most convenient for you, whether in advance or last minute, and we have you covered! Our trusted FTD florists take great care in designing and delivering our handcrafted blue flower bouquets.    

Send Blue Flowers from FTD

While blue flowers are so unique, the meaning of blue flowers is truly special. Known to have a positive and calming effect, blue is closely tied to elements in nature, like the sky and the sea. The color blue also is associated with meanings of loyalty, sincerity, wisdom and intelligence. The many hues of blue carry different meanings as well! A bright, electric blue can be dramatic and exhilarating! Sweet pastels come off as light and friendly. With so much significance surrounding this color, choose one of FTD blue bouquets to make a lasting impression!