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Thanksgiving Plants

Express gratitude and thankfulness with Thanksgiving plants and send a surprise delivery of bountiful blooms and lush leaves to your loved ones. Our Thanksgiving potted plants and fall-colored floral arrangements make for the perfect addition to any holiday table. Place your online order today for a quick and easy way to show your loved ones you care.

Thanksgiving Plants FAQs

Can I send plants as a Thanksgiving gift?

Thanksgiving plants from FTD make a great gift for all of your loved ones this holiday season. From our green and blooming plants to our Thanksgiving baskets, and from our fall flowers & gifts to our stunning choices for a Thanksgiving centerpiece, your gifts will be the hit of the party. And remember, if you can’t be around for the big day, you can always have fruit baskets delivered to your loved ones near and far.

What are popular plants for Thanksgiving?

Some popular plant choices for a Thanksgiving potted plant are those that come in recognizable fall colors. Plants with warm red, orange, yellow, and brown Thanksgiving flowers make for a solid choice for the Thanksgiving holiday and are versatile enough to be on theme for the whole season.

Can I order Thanksgiving plants for same day delivery?

While our same day Thanksgiving plants delivery services are quite the saving grace, our product options vary by location. To check Thanksgiving plant and date availability, enter in your delivery ZIP code and preferred delivery date at the top of our easy-to-navigate webpage. That will help you to get the most accurate idea for Thanksgiving plant options and delivery choices that are available to you.

Why is it a great idea to send plants as Thanksgiving gifts?

Sending a bouquet with Thanksgiving flowers is an absolutely brilliant idea. They fill the lives and the rooms of the recipient with a beautiful burst of color, and they serve as a reminder of your love and affection. Their beauty is a thing to behold, but they don’t last forever. By sending a Thanksgiving plant, however, you’re sending a gift that lasts much longer, and one that the recipient can cultivate, grow, and help flourish. You’re not only sending a gift of gratitude and thanks but also one of growth. Gifts like this remind the recipient of you and your love whenever they look at it. Plants live so much longer than bouquets. As long as the recipient takes care of it appropriately, a plant is an everlasting gift that can bring months or even years of enjoyment. For other idea, check out our entire Thanksgiving collection.

Are Thanksgiving plants easy to care for?

The day-to-day care of the FTD Thanksgiving plants that you send to your loved ones depends on the type of plants that you send. If you send beautiful succulent and mini cactus trays, those plants can last for ages with little to no care. As long as they're infrequently watered and given the sun that they need, they're very hardy and last a long time, making them perfect for people who are missing green thumbs!

Other plants, on the other hand, may require slightly more care. All of our options come with care instructions, so your recipient will know exactly what to do to keep the plant flourishing and blooming. Make sure you choose the type of plants that work for the recipient. If you know someone has a brown thumb or travels a lot, or otherwise doesn't have the time to take care of plants, send them something easy to keep thriving, like a succulent plant. With the help of FTD, deliver a gift that will last well past the Thanksgiving season! In some cases, same day Thanksgiving delivery may be available.