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Singles' Day Gifts & Flowers Sale

Singles' Day flowers and gifts are a great way to celebrate yourself and all your independent single friends on November 11! Created in China in 1993, Singles' Day has become the biggest online shopping day in the world. Treat yourself to an inspiring bouquet of fresh flowers, or remind a single friend how much they mean to you with a Singles' Day delivery of chocolates and other sweet treats!

When is Singles' Day Celebrated?

Singles' Day is celebrated every November 11, with the numerical date (11/11) resembling four singles standing side by side. Originally conceived as an alternative to Valentine's Day celebrations of couples and relationships, Singles' Day was meant to honor one's singledom and independence. The holiday was started by a group of college students in China as "Bachelors' Day," but is now celebrated by single men and women alike. Some couples have even started using the day to celebrate when they met!

Are Flowers a Good Singles' Day Gift?

Many online retailers offer a Singles' Day sale so shoppers can treat themselves to a hot new gadget or something nice for their home. But just because online shopping has been the traditional way to treat yourself to a fun gift doesn't mean you need to spend a lot of money to celebrate. A sunny "just because" bouquet of Singles' Day flowers can bring some sunshine and fall colors into your home, making even a solo living space a little cozier.   Want to remind a platonic single friend how unique and special they are? Try a bouquet of fun yet elegant pink roses.

Do You Give Singles' Day Gifts to Other People?

While Singles' Day sales are typically aimed toward those looking to buy themselves something special, it's also a great time to get something nice for the single friends in your life. Surprise a best friend with a Singles' Day flowers and gift bundle so they can enjoy a fresh pop of color while pampering themselves with luxurious self-care items like soap and scented candles. If they're not the flower type, succulents, air plants, and snake plants are all low-maintenance ways to add a touch of vibrant green life to a living space or office.

Singles' Day Flowers Delivered Right to Your Door

Whether you're looking for a bouquet of fall flowers to brighten up your own day or you want to surprise a friend with a gift basket sent right to their door, we have Singles' Day delivery options for every need. Already have a Singles' Day gift lined up for a friend? Add a box of gourmet Godiva chocolates as an extra sweet treat on the side!